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Change Management and Change Negotiations

How you navigate changes and tough times, like negotiations and layoffs, is crucial for an organization’s future success. Handled with care, these situations can leave a positive mark and pave the way for a more resilient future.

Our experienced and understanding team of organizational psychologists is here to support your work community, leaders, managers, and teams through different changes.

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Heltti’s services in Change Management


Successful change management doesn’t happen overnight

Successfully navigating change requires insight into how people behave during transitions, adopting a humane approach to change management, and implementing strategies to bolster resilience on a personal level. We help build organizational expertise in self and organizational leadership during change, offering support to supervisors and staff throughout challenging transitions.


Experienced and empathetic experts

Heltti’s experts are at your service even before periods of change, during change negotiations, and after the conclusion of such negotiations. Our support services during times of change are suitable for various challenging transitional phases and adaptation situations.


Coaching and support for HR and management

  • Coaching support for management and supervisors during change negotiations
  • Coaching support for management and supervisors in debriefing sessions with staff and teams
  • Coaching support for supervisors in guiding the change process
  • Organizing debriefing sessions for staff and teams
  • Support and coaching in challenging situations

these organizations trust our organizational development services for knowledge work environments


Supervisory training helped develop coaching leadership style

As the working life, methods of work, and organizations evolve, leadership must evolve too. At Alma Talent, the focus in leadership has shifted increasingly towards coaching. That’s why the leadership skills and self-awareness of supervisors were deepened with coaching from Heltti’s organizational psychologist.

Why Heltti?

  • Heltti is a 100% Finnish company owned by its employees and Finnish private investors (including The English Tea Room, owned by the Paulig family, and Risto Siilasmaa’s First Fellow Partners).
  • We serve nearly 1,000 knowledge work companies nationwide.
  • At Heltti, traditional healthcare practices have been discarded, and a foundation has been laid based on the principles of modern knowledge work.
  • More than 25% of our members speak a language other than Finnish as their native language, so all services are naturally available in English as well.

We’re with you throughout the change negotiations:

Heltti is your partner in
organizational and leadership development services

Experiences and feedback from our customers

Alma talent

”Heltti’s approach to combining theory and practice is impressive. We systematically worked on refining our own thinking and practiced coaching leadership.”

Joni Mäkinen, People Development Lead


”The entire program and the way Heltti’s coach guided us strengthened our self-confidence. With the coach’s help, we realized that we are a functional team full of potential! The program has helped us thrive both at the team level and throughout the entire organization.”

Riku Rakkola, CEO


“I am incredibly proud of all of us – we achieved so much. It was great working with Heltti’s coach, and they built a trustful atmosphere that made it easy for us to address things openly. My internal energy is now at a better level thanks to the improvements from this process”

Petri Grandell, CEO

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