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Lower the bar for accessing psychological services and integrate a familiar psychologist into the work community regularly – either on-site or in a hybrid arrangement. This provides an uncomplicated and budget-friendly solution to promptly provide support for your employees’ mental well-being concerns.

The reluctance to discuss one’s well-being, stress, or obstacles to productive thinking is still high for many. An in-house psychologist is a cost-effective service for the employer and straightforward for employees and supervisors. Suitable for companies of various sizes. The service is available in multiple languages.

In-house psychologist:
Service in a nutshell


When work becomes burdensome or something hinders productive thinking, it’s important to address the situation immediately.

Many individuals find themselves grappling with increasing stress, and workplace challenges often linger unresolved. The most straightforward way to address these situations or seek support is often through an informal chat with a psychologist, without the need for scheduled appointments or referrals.

Our in-house psychologist is present at your workplace on specific days, ready to assist with challenges or inquiries related to both work and other facets of life.


A familiar psychologist in a familiar environment lowers the threshold to talk or seek help

The In-house psychologist service makes counseling support easily accessible at your workplace, in a familiar setting. Employees can have a conversation whenever they feel the need. If necessary, the psychologist can guide them to other services supporting work and workability, such as occupational health.

Select the most suitable psychologist from Heltti, establish follow-up procedures with the psychologist, and introduce them to your staff.


Cost-effective: as an ongoing service or as a one-time support option

  • Our in-house psychologist is available at your workplace, for example, 1-2 days a week or as a one-time service. Your employees can easily seek conversation support from a familiar psychologist – remotely or in the office.
  • The psychologist translates individual experiences into organizational-level data (with privacy considerations) using Heltti’s systemic framework. As an employer, you can choose to utilize this data in organizational coaching if desired.

Customer story: Supercell

Enhancing the mental well-being of gaming industry experts

In a workplace where experts approach their work with passion, special attention must be given to well-being and mind management. Read how Supercell takes care of its employees’ most important tool – the mind.

Usually, employees turn to a psychologist for support with work-related issues, their well-being, or finding a balance between work and personal life. Those in leadership positions seek assistance with leadership and personnel-related concerns.

Mari Laari, psychologist

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