Guide to Mental Wellbeing and Mind Care

24-page information package on how to promote and lead mental well-being in the workplace.

What’s in the guide?

The challenges of well-being, feelings of inadequacy, burnout, and mental health are exactly the topics being discussed in knowledge work environments right now. Workplaces and teams are feverishly considering what can be done at work to improve mental well-being.

This guide to Mind Care and mental wellbeing includes practical tips for the entire organization. You’ll find answers to what Mind Care is and what mental wellbeing means for both you and the organization — and why the collaboration of both is necessary.

In this comprehensive, 24-page set:

  • What is mental well-being, and what should each of us understand about it?
  • What is the role of mental well-being in developing organizational culture?
  • Concrete tips on how to foster mental wellbeing as a leader
  • How can each individual impact the functionality of the work community?