Organizational development

Building and developing organizational culture

At Heltti, we’re your partners in transforming, developing, and building a knowledge work culture where the community flourishes and business thrives.

Changing the way your organization operates means shedding old habits that don’t boost productivity and success. It’s also about embracing new thinking and adopting innovative approaches. As your guides in this journey of change, we help you understand what it really takes to reshape your organizational culture and empower your workplace community for lasting success.

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Building and developing organizational culture
together with Heltti


Why Cultivate Culture with an Organizational Psychologist?

Culture can be subtly elusive, and we may have become blind to habitual ways of operating.

Developing a culture that aligns with strategy and fosters business success often requires an external partner’s perspective. They provide a lens, through which the organization’s thinking, structures, processes, communication, as well as values, beliefs, and myths that either promote or hinder success, can be identified.


Our way of cultivating culture is based on collective learning

In reshaping thinking and embedding new ways of operating – the focal point is a shared dialogue and understanding of the necessity and benefits of change.

Developing organizational culture is evident in everyday experiments, collective learning, and unlearning together.


Five-Step, Dialogical, and Participatory Process

The culture development process consists of five phases, lasting approximately 6 months.

Throughout the entire process, we shape the culture through various practical experiments. Even in a short time, these experiments provide confirmation of progress, effective innovations, and the elimination of approaches and methods that lack impact.

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Supervisory training helped develop coaching leadership style

As the working life, methods of work, and organizations evolve, leadership must evolve too. At Alma Talent, the focus in leadership has shifted increasingly towards coaching. That’s why the leadership skills and self-awareness of supervisors were deepened with coaching from Heltti’s organizational psychologist.

This is How the Process Unfolds

Typically spanning 6 months, the organizational culture development process consists of five stages. Throughout this journey, we shape the ways of working to be more meaningful.

  • Culture development processes can be implemented in a hybrid format, involving activities such as:
  • Group and/or individual interviews or digitally conducted surveys
  • Engaging presentations
  • Workshops
  1. Understanding the Current State: Initially, we explore the current state of the culture through dialogue, identifying strengths and areas for development. Methods include WordLoom, interviews, and storytelling.
  2. Culture Story and Development Plan: Together, we define the focus areas for development by exploring the culture story. We identify guiding beliefs, recurring patterns, norms, and fears. We create a development plan for the upcoming months.
  3. Values and Operationalization: Values form the backbone of action – we assist in defining the organization’s values and making them a visible part of daily life.
  4. Leadership Principles provide a common foundation for leadership and its development.
  5. Everyday Experiments: Finally, we embark on making everyday experiments and development measures to sustainably renew thinking and practices.

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Managing Emotions and Pressure in Change Situations

In the guide, you will find practical tools for managing emotions in change situations. Make use of the guide and its tools in your everyday leadership.

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