Mental well-being services for workplaces

Tailored and effective services that adapt to your company’s needs, ensuring your employees receive the right kind of support at the right time, no matter how they’re feeling.

At Heltti, we specialize in nurturing the mental well-being and mental health of working-age individuals. Our mental well-being services are designed to flexibly meet different needs – from large international corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, fast-growing startups, and solo entrepreneurs.

Delivered by a team of over 90 compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists, including occupational health psychologists and organizational psychologists, our services reach knowledge work environments and their employees across Finland in multiple languages

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Heltti’s mental well-being services for workplaces

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Who are Heltti’s mind and mental well-being services for?


“I appreciate that Heltti has a clear and comprehensive framework for services, which is then tailored to fit the customer’s needs. This allows for impactful collaboration focused on the right priorities.”

Anna Kettunen, People Lead

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Our mental well-being services are built on the idea that everyone receives the right kind of support at the right time. Through organizational-level data, employers gain insights into what promotes or hinders well-being in the workplace. This helps address root causes.

Katri Kanninen, Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Psychotherapist, Development Director for Heltti’s Mental Well-being Services.

Why Heltti?

Centered around responsibility, service impact, and quality customer experience, with a focus on data security and genuine human connections.

  • Predictable costs and transparent pricing: Our mental well-being services come with transparent pricing, allowing you, as an employer, to set usage restrictions.
  • Extensive service accessibility – remote, at Heltti locations, or directly at your workplace: With over 110 psychologists and psychotherapists, including occupational health psychologists and organizational psychologists, our mental well-being services are available remotely and at Heltti locations in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Vaasa, and Närpiö.
  • Effective service and positive customer experience: Ensuring the effectiveness of mental well-being services hinges on users finding a suitable mental health professional, whether it’s a one-off mental well-being visit or a more extended short-term therapy. Your employees can preview mental health professionals through photos, texts, and introduction videos and then book an appointment with their chosen professional.
  • Secure and confidential: All our mental well-being services, systems, and record-keeping practices adhere to robust data security standards.

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