In Heltti, we are committed to data protection and safeguarding people’s privacy. As Heltti’s medical professionals work with our members’ health data, we pay special attention to diligent and secure processing of personal data.

When processing personal data, Heltti separates patient records from other personal information on our members. Patient records mean data on medical treatment of a person and are regulated by specific legislation. Other personal data on our members relate to, inter alia, providing Heltti’s services, communications and customer relationship.

Only the medical professionals participating in the care of Heltti’s member have access to such member’s patient records and other wellbeing or health information. Such information will be transferred outside Heltti only with member’s consent or based on legislation.


Personal registers

Heltti has the following personal registers:

  1. Heltti’s Patient Register, which contains medical records which are created, used and stored according to the applicable legislation. This information includes, among others, entries made by healthcare professionals while providing health care services. In addition, answers to the health questionnaires and messages related to the medical care on MyHeltti are stored in the patient register.
  2. Heltti’s Member Register, which contains Heltti’s members’ personal information other than patient records, such as health and wellbeing data eventually provided by the members.  Only the medical professionals participating in the care of Heltti’s member have access to members wellbeing or health information.
  3. MyHeltti-Register, which contains information associated to using the MyHeltti-service.
  4. Heltti’s Customer Register, which contains Heltti’s customers contact persons informations.
  5. Heltti’s Direct Marketing Register, which contains data of people around Heltti’s direct marketing.
  6. withHeltti Data Protection Description, which contains information related to using of withHeltti Services.

You may find Heltti’s personal registers data protection descriptions from this page.

In its operations, Heltti complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Finnish national data protection legislation and the regulations applicable to health care.

Cookie policy

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Do you need help?

We are happy to assist you with any questions related to the processing of personal data. Contact us either through MyHeltti or via email: