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Information about Heltti’s occupational health for our customers

Hello Heltti’s occupational health contact person! Does navigating through the intricacies of the new occupational health seem a bit challenging, and you can’t seem to remember everything? That’s completely understandable, as occupational health is a vast concept.

To make the kickoff of your journey with Heltti smoother, we’ve gathered info about Heltti on this page. Check it out, and let’s make this journey easier for you and your organization!

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Downloadable materials for you and your entire work community


We have compiled the most important things for your organization’s Heltti contact person and management in one package: Employer’s obligations, key contact channels, and important things to remember regarding occupational health cooperation.


Download a summary of Heltti’s services for the coffee room wall, common areas, or electronically post it on the intranet or share it with each employee. The material includes information on when and how an employee should contact in different situations


If you have the Caretaker or Forerunner occupational health package, we recommend sharing the following link with your employees and reminding them of it regularly. The page contains all the necessary information that a user of Heltti’s services should know.

Part I: Information about Occupational Health in Heltti

As the employer’s representative and Heltti contact person, your most important digital tool is HelttiView. Through the HelttiView service, you manage information about your company and its employees.

Welcome aboard – let’s embark on this journey of building a strong partnership in occupational health and fostering a healthy work environment with Heltti!

Let us give you a quick snapshot of who we are: At Heltti, we’ve got a special focus on the well-being of knowledge workers – that’s you! Our shared mission is to ensure your vitality, and we’re here to be a part of your daily life, even when everything’s going smoothly.

Think of us as your support system. Whether it’s about building workplace practices that suit your needs or navigating through changes, leadership puzzles, or conflicts – we’re here for you. Reach out whenever you need assistance, and let’s figure out solutions together.

We strongly believe that true well-being extends beyond individuals to the entire work community. When everyone’s thriving, it undoubtedly has a positive impact on your business. So, let’s work together to make sure your well-being shines at every level!

Employer’s aid: HelttiView

HelttiView is a service platform provided by Heltti for employers.

Through the HelttiView service, you can manage both your company’s information and details about your employees. Once logged into the HelttiView service, you can input essential information that the occupational health care team needs to know. This includes details such as your company’s fiscal period, billing information, and insurance details.

Using HelttiView, you maintain the employee registry for your company at Heltti. Please note that only employees added to the employee registry can avail themselves of Heltti’s occupational health services. It’s possible to have multiple users for HelttiView within a company. If there’s a need to update user information, please contact your occupational health nurse.

Important: do this

Get started with HelttiView

  1. Log in to HelttiView-portal
  2. Add your organization’s employee info

Occupational health services are available once the contract is signed AND employee information has been added to the HelttiView portal.

After this, a Heltti occupational health nurse will contact you to arrange the timing for the workplace survey.

Important: Keep employee information up to date. Remove resigned employees from HelttiView, and likewise, add a new employees’ information on HelttiView.

Part II: What are my legal responsibilities as an employer?

The law requires you to take care of these matters. Need help?
Contact your designated occupational health nurse.

Early Support Model

The early support model is a tool designed for both supervisors and staff to effectively address issues that may impact work performance or capacity. It serves as a guide on how to recognize a decline in work capacity and take prompt action. This model not only outlines the responsibilities of each party but also creates a shared understanding within the company.

Developed by the employer, the early support model encourages a culture of mutual care and provides supervisors with a clear framework for addressing concerns about an employee’s work capacity. During the workplace survey, the status of the model is reviewed, and support from the occupational health partner is available for any needed updates.

By establishing agreed-upon practices, the model empowers supervisors to navigate situations where they may have hesitated before. It streamlines the process of addressing issues, allowing everyone to contribute to maintaining a healthy and supportive work environment.

Reporting Sick Leaves

The employer is legally responsible for monitoring and reporting employees’ sick leaves to occupational health. In collaboration with occupational health, common practices regarding sick leaves are agreed upon, and both the employer and occupational health commit to following them. It’s essential to note that these agreements are specific to each company.

The employer defines the organization’s policies regarding the number of days an employee can be absent from work with their own notification. The Heltti occupational health team, responsible for managing the company’s health services, needs a comprehensive overview of all employee absences to proactively support cases where work capacity risks are identified through sick leaves. Therefore, it is crucial for the employer to work in collaboration with the occupational health team to determine how employees’ sick leaves are reported to Heltti.

Preventive Substance Abuse Model

The preventive substance abuse model may be included in the early support model. The substance abuse program helps prevent and manage substance abuse issues in the workplace, reducing costs associated with substance-related risk behaviors for both the workplace and individual health. Instances where an employee comes to work under the influence or concerns arise about their substance use are always challenging in the workplace. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a predefined model on how to handle these situations.

Part III: Occupational Health Terminology

What are the workplace survey, action plan, and ergonomic consultation? As a representative of the employer, what should you consider and what actions do they require from you?

What are the workplace assessment and action plan?

The workplace survey and action plan are essential parts of your services with Heltti and usually kick off within three months of starting the service or whenever there are changes in your workplace. The survey, done through a meeting, looks into the ergonomic and physical aspects of your workplace, covering everything from job tasks to how work affects your team’s well-being. It helps us understand each other better and set goals for working together.

Before the workplace survey, you’ll get a form to think about how work impacts health in your organization, considering everything from daily tasks to how work affects people mentally and socially. This is particularly helpful in jobs where mental and social aspects play a big role.

After the survey, we create an action plan, and we update it every year during our annual meeting. This keeps us in sync with your organization’s needs and helps us actively manage your workplace health.

Workplace Ergonomics from the Employer’s Perspective

Your agreement includes an ergonomic check. This check can be done separately or combined, for instance, with a workplace survey. A physiotherapist can be involved in conducting the workplace survey, allowing ergonomic aspects to be addressed during the same visit.

Given the prevalence of remote work, a physiotherapist can provide assistance and tips for good ergonomics in home offices and remote work setups!

If needed, we can also organize lectures on topics like ergonomics, daily activity, and more. The content and pricing for these sessions are always agreed upon separately.


Responsibilities and duties

A workplace survey and an action plan should always be conducted when starting occupational health services.

The workplace survey is conducted through a physical meeting within three months of the service initiation and whenever there are changes to your premises.

The action plan is created based on the workplace survey and is updated annually during the yearly meeting.

While the occupational health nurse suggests conducting the survey, it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that it is carried out. Typically, at Heltti, the nurse attempts to contact you two or three times. If there is no response to these attempts, we wait for you to initiate contact proactively.

Part IV: Regular, continuous partnership

If you have any questions regarding the occupational health agreement and matters related to the customer relationship, please contact Heltti’s customer success manager, Aino. For other issues, your designated occupational health nurse will assist you.

Annual Meeting

At Heltti, we like to keep in touch with our customer companies – that’s why we schedule an annual review to catch up and ensure everything is in order.

Your dedicated occupational health nurse will suggest a suitable time and provide a pre-meeting form for you to fill out beforehand. This form helps us gather essential information about your company, ensuring a productive discussion during the annual review.

The annual review can be conducted either remotely or through an in-person meeting at a location convenient for both parties. This valuable opportunity is included in the fixed monthly fee of your occupational health agreement, so it’s a great chance to touch base and address any concerns you may have. Looking forward to our annual catch-up!

What if our needs change?

We are always open to discussing how we can tailor your agreement to better meet your evolving needs. It’s common for your needs to change over time; perhaps you started with a lighter agreement at the beginning of our collaboration? We can enhance your contract with fixed monthly service packages or separately billed extensions, such as vaccines, therapy, specialist doctors, or services to support organizational development and work capacity management.

Feel free to reach out to either your occupational health nurse or send a message directly to Aino, if you’d like to discuss updating your agreement. Some services can be added directly to the agreement with a separate order form. However, we are more than happy to provide a customized quote for expanding service packages and various projects.

Customer Letter – what and why?

Successful occupational health cooperation requires mutual and proactive communication. Your occupational health nurse regularly contacts you, at least once a year but often more frequently, depending on the agreed-upon terms and emerging needs.

Additionally, we communicate through our Customer Letters, addressing current matters related to services, prices, contract contents, and general updates from Heltti. Please ensure that these customer letters are read, and inform us of all the individuals in your company who should be on our customer mailing list.

We encourage you to always feel free to reach out to us if you have any needs. To effectively engage in preventive measures, it’s crucial for us to hear from you about your well-being and any concerns you may have.

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