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Leader’s Guide to Managing Emotions in Times of Change

Concrete tools for managing emotions in times of change. Utilize the guide and its tools in everyday leadership.

What’s included?

The world of work and everyday life are characterized by constant change. However, humans naturally seek stability – the fast-paced changes in our environment can shake our sense of security, evoke feelings of anxiety, and challenge our capacity to make well-informed decisions. Emotional management stands out as a crucial aspect of effective change management. Hence, during periods of change, leaders, managers, and HR professionals need to possess keen listening skills, acute observation abilities, and the discernment to identify when change is occurring and when adaptation is already underway.

Our team of organizational psychologists, specializing in organizational development and leadership, have curated a comprehensive resource to support organizations and leaders in navigating change and change management, with a specific emphasis on managing pressure points and emotions. Additionally, we have included practical tools in the guide to aid in the process of change management.

This 20-page guide walks you through the following teams:

  • Are you leading change or facilitating adaptation? Tools to identify different stages of change and adaptation and how you can influence them as a leader:
  • 6 tools to support everyday leadership and to be utilized in your leadership practices, such as: Tool for identifying pressure points, Tool for understanding the BANI world, Tool for addressing change at the identity level, for example, within your team.
  • Concrete examples and how to identify pressure points caused by change situations.
  • Thought-provoking questions that you can use personally or in various encounters with your team or colleagues.