Where did we succeed? Where could we improve?

We value your feedback

Feedback is a gift

What are you particularly satisfied with at Heltti? And where do you think we could improve?

We want to continuously improve our services and practices. However, this is not possible without hearing from you about where we have succeeded and where we could do better. Member experience and customer happiness mean everything to us.

To ensure data privacy, please avoid sharing confidential information, such as personal identification numbers, in your feedback.

Feedback on the quality of care

You can provide us with feedback regarding medical care, our health service processes, and receptions through MyHeltti. The feedback will be processed by individuals responsible for Heltti’s healthcare processes and medical quality.

Please note that there is a separate feedback channel for general feedback and inquiries.

General feedback and inquiries

To provide us with general feedback, suggest changes, and ask questions, utilize Heltti’s customer support channel. You can inquire about the following:

  • Invoicing and pricing
  • Service agreement and changes
  • Membership and collaboration
  • Data privacy and technology
  • MyHeltti and HelttiView login issues