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Heltti’s short therapy is high-quality, conversational support provided by experienced psychologists trained in short therapeutic approaches.
As the employer, you have the flexibility to set restrictions on how the service is used
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Mental health-related absences can be costly for employers and, if they persist or intertwine, they can jeopardize an employee’s ability to work. Short therapy has proven effective in addressing common stress situations among working-age individuals, potentially avoiding lengthy sick leaves and promoting sustained work capacity.

On average, about 5% of your employees may need short therapy – it’s a manageable investment.

Katri Kanninen, psychotherapist, Doctor of Psychology

Short Therapy in a nutshell


Cost-effective and impactful solution for the employer

From the employer’s standpoint, providing short-term therapy as an employee benefit or part of mental health support services often results in fewer sick days, contributing to cost savings.

On average, mental health-related sick leaves last for around 10 days, with a cost of 370 € per day for the employer.

Employers have the flexibility to set limits on the number of therapy sessions covered.


Short therapy in practice

  • The duration of short therapy is usually 7-20 sessions. A skilled therapist always assesses whether the client benefits from short therapy and determines the needed number of sessions.
  • Typically, an employee is guided toward short therapy based on the assessment of a workplace psychologist or an occupational health physician. Alternatively, you can allow employees to book short-term therapy themselves, enabling them to seek help when they feel it is necessary.
  • Short therapy is available in Finnish, English, Swedish, and Spanish.


Heltti’s short therapy stands out with quality and effectiveness

Short therapy at Heltti is always provided by an experienced psychologist with additional training in short-term therapeutic approaches.

Employees can choose their preferred therapist from over 90 experienced professionals on our website. Research has shown that the compatibility between the therapist and the client significantly enhances the effectiveness of therapy.

Short therapy sessions are available both online and at our therapy locations in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, and Vaasa.

These organizations trust our mental well-being services

Why Heltti?

  • To deliver effective short therapy, it’s crucial to have professionals with strong expertise. That’s why all our short therapy providers are psychologists who have received additional training in short-term therapeutic approaches.
  • Our professionals also incorporate research-backed short therapy packages into their work, offering not only their individual expertise but also the latest knowledge on effective practices.
  • We actively support our professionals with ongoing training and supervision.
  • Shortum, part of the Heltti Group, is a trusted trainer and innovator in short-term therapeutic approaches. For years, Shortum has been training professionals in healthcare districts, major private healthcare providers, and third-sector social and healthcare professionals.
  • All psychologists providing short-term therapy at Heltti, along with Heltti’s occupational health professionals, have completed training in short-term therapeutic approaches through Shortum.

Additional information

Heltti as a partner in mental well-being services

Experiences and feedback from our customers


“I appreciate that Heltti has a clear and comprehensive framework for services, which is then tailored to fit the customer’s needs. This allows for impactful collaboration focused on the right priorities.”

Anna Kettunen, People Lead

Suomen ekonomit

“Most of our 57,000 members work in knowledge-intensive roles, where the mind faces considerable stress. We’re focused on developing skills to support mental well-being, and that’s why we chose Heltti – experts in knowledge work.

Sirja Kulmala, career coach

Järvenpään kaupunki

“The collaboration with Heltti has been smooth. We value a partner who aims to build sustainable well-being with us, developing both individuals and the entire organization comprehensively.”

Susanna Puustinen, workplace wellbeing manager

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