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Info page for Heltti’s customer contact persons

Hello, Heltti’s customer contact person! We here at Heltti want to ensure that your partnership with us goes smoothly.

That’s why we’ve compiled the key information about Heltti’s occupational health, contact channels, and the tools included in your partnership, all on this page.

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HelttiView -customer portal

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Customer Contact Person’s Tools

HelttiView -customer portal

Helttiview is your main tool as a contact person for Heltti and as a representative of your Employer

With the HelttiView customer portal, you can conveniently handle matters related to your partnership, such as:

  • Updating employee information: changes and additions to your company’s employee data.
  • Reviewing contract and customer information.
  • Secure transmission of documents.

You log in to the HelttiView customer portal with your MyHeltti credentials at: view.heltti.fi

If you haven’t registered for MyHeltti yet, you can do so by authenticating yourself with online banking credentials or mobile ID from the ‘Identify’ section.

Customer support

If you encounter any problems while using our digital services – please don’t hesitate to contact us

Can’t log in? Found a bug in our software? Reporting issues and providing feedback for MyHeltti and HelttiView can be done through Heltti customer support:

  • Support for Heltti’s electronic services (login issues, etc.)
  • Billing-related questions
  • Questions related to member and customer information
  • General support for Heltti services
  • Contractual matters
  • General feedback on Heltti tools

The service language settings are determined by your browser’s language settings.

Note! Please use the MyHeltti feedback channel if you have questions, feedback, or issues related to healthcare, health, or well-being matters.

Downloadable materials for you and your entire work community

Information package for the person responsible for your company’s occupational health cooperation

We have compiled the most important things for your organization’s Heltti contact person and management in one package: Employer’s obligations, key contact channels, and important things to remember regarding occupational health cooperation.

One-page summary to be shared with your employees: WELCOME TO HELTtI’S OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH!

Download a summary of Heltti’s services for the coffee room wall, common areas, or electronically post it on the intranet or share it with each employee. The material includes information on when and how an employee should contact in different situations

Digital info-package for your employees: Heltti member info

If you have the Caretaker or Forerunner occupational health package, we recommend sharing the following link with your employees and reminding them of it regularly. The page contains all the necessary information that a user of Heltti’s services should know.

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