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Hello Heltti Member! Does navigating the ins and outs of your new occupational health feel a bit complex, and it’s hard to remember everything? Completely understandable. We wanted to make the initial steps of your Heltti journey easier, so we’ve put together some info material on this page covering the most frequently asked questions about Heltti’s occupational health services.

Start by checking out the table of contents and read about the topics that interest you right now.

Table of contents


PART II: What services are included in our occupational health plan?


Here, all the necessary information gathered in one document that
it’s good for a Heltti member to know.

Part I: Heltti and occupational health
in a nutshell

What is Heltti?

Helttis, we are Heltti, your occupational health partner! Heltti is a completely Finnish occupational health company established in 2013.

We specialize in the needs of knowledge workers and assist you with all matters related to well-being, resilience, and health. We ensure that your workplace is thriving.

And hey, don’t be startled when you come over to one of our clinics (Helttilä) for an appointment; our doctors don’t wear white coats. Here, we meet and treat each other as people – not as patients. We want you to reach out to us easily, without any hesitation so that we know how you’re doing and can provide the right care at the right time.

Whether addressing legal occupational health matters or preventing and handling challenges like burnout, we’re here for you.

What is “occupational health”?

Occupational health, rooted in law, aims to prevent work-related illnesses and accidents. For knowledge workers, the primary work ability risk is burnout, and our approach focuses on early detection of signals indicating declining work ability.

Our mission extends beyond individual well-being to enhance the overall functioning of the work community by actively collaborating with employers. Your dedicated occupational health team—comprising a specialist, nurse, psychologist, and physiotherapist—is committed to managing all aspects related to your work ability.

When your ability to work is in jeopardy, the occupational health team is there to guide you through a supportive process. This includes assessments, discussions, and coordinating your return to work after your sick leave.

Part II: What services are included in our occupational health plan?

Your workplace offers you healthcare services as well as services supporting your work ability and health check-ups.

In addition to mandatory occupational health services, your occupational health includes healthcare services and, specifically, services supporting your work ability and health check-ups. In practice, this means that…

  • If you fall ill or have concerns about your well-being or health, you can contact HelttiLine and HelttiChat.
  • In HelttiLine and HelttiChat, you can reach our nurses directly.
  • If your situation requires remote or live consultation, occupational health services also include appointments with a nurse and/or doctor.
  • You are also offered an annual electronic health survey. Based on your responses, we recommend pathways such as resource coaching for sleep, exercise, stress, or resilience, health check-ups, and/or consultations with a suitable occupational health professional for your situation.

Heltti’s healthcare services are included in your occupational health agreement

In addition to mandatory services, your employer provides extensive healthcare services. This means that…

  • If you fall ill or have concerns about your well-being or health, you can contact HelttiLine and HelttiChat.
  • At HelttiLine and HelttiChat, you can reach our nurses directly.
  • If your situation requires a remote or live appointment, your occupational health services also include appointments with a nurse and/or doctor.

Health check-ups and other services to support your work ability

The comprehensive range of services that focus on enhancing work capacity and health includes preventive measures like yearly health surveys, targeted health check-ups, and resource coaching by the occupational health nurse for areas such as sleep, stress, and well-being.

These initiatives improve our communication, helping us identify potential work capacity risks early on and offer tailored support.

MyHeltti – Heltti member’s most important tool

Handle all your matters with Heltti using one application.

MyHeltti is a tool that works on smartphones and computers, allowing you to manage all your affairs with Heltti. In MyHeltti, you can access HelttiChat, manage your appointments, and find, for example, renewed prescriptions all in one place.

Here’s how to get started:

Start using MyHeltti right away, so you have it ready when you need it!

Please note that you need to authenticate yourself in MyHeltti with strong authentication.

If you want to use MyHeltti in browser:

  1. Log in to MyHeltti for the first time over here.
  2. After that you can log in from here: MyHeltti

If you want to use MyHeltti mobile app:

  1. Download MyHeltti on your phone from App Storesta or Google Play Store

Annual Health Assessment &
Ergonomic Consultations

Take advantage of the annual digital health check-up!

The survey is automatically sent to you when the services start, and you will find the invitation in your email as well as directly in the MyHeltti service.

Answering the survey takes about 15-20 minutes and is a good opportunity to take a moment for your own health.

You will receive a summary of the survey, showing how you are doing, and the occupational health nurse will review your results. If the nurse has any concerns, they will contact you, and together you will decide how to proceed. The survey is repeated regularly every year.

Do you have concerns or challenges related to occupational ergonomics?

Please contact your occupational health nurse by logging into MyHeltti and leaving a message in the Occupational Health Messaging Channel. Your occupational health nurse will respond and, if necessary, guide you to a work physiotherapist.

The work physiotherapist is either present or available remotely for annual ergonomic consultations at your workplace. During ergonomic consultations, the work physiotherapist provides tips, such as adjusting the workstation and incorporating breaks into the work routine. It’s also possible to receive personalized guidance at your own workstation during ergonomic consultations. As remote work is prevalent nowadays, the work physiotherapist also offers various tips for ergonomic work in a home office.

Part III: When and where can I contact Heltti?

When can I contact Heltti?

You can contact Heltti for all matters related to health and well-being. You can either call us or send a chat message through MyHeltti.

For instance, if you have concerns about your well-being, work ability, or general health, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If the service you need is not covered by the agreement, no worries—we’ll help you find a solution and guide you on where and how your needs can be addressed. In a nutshell, whatever your concern, remember to get in touch with us. We’re here for you.

HelttiLine and HelttiChat

When faced with an urgent medical matter, always initiate remote contact with Heltti. Reach us by calling HelttiLine or sending a message through the live chat in HelttiChat.

In HelttiLine and HelttiChat, a nurse promptly responds, offering expert assistance for your situation. Our seasoned nurses conduct a comprehensive assessment, guiding you to an optimized care path. Heltti professionals remotely diagnose, provide instructions and health advice, and issue electronic prescriptions whenever possible.

Up to 40% of inquiries are resolved during the initial contact, eliminating the need for an in-person visit. Examples include diagnosing eye infections based on photos or handling prescription renewals.

If your situation requires an in-person appointment or additional tests, we’ll schedule an appointment with the appropriate specialist, either at Heltti or through our partner network

If you fall ill and urgently need assistance

When you have an acute medical issue, always initiate remote contact with Heltti! A nurse will respond directly to your inquiry, providing immediate expert assistance. 

  • Call HelttiLine at 020 1470 770. Weekdays 7-21, weekends 9-17.
  • Or if you prefer writing, reach out through HelttiChat. You can find HelttiChat in the MyHeltti app or MyHeltti web version. Open on weekdays 8-16.
  • For messages left outside of service hours, we’ll respond no later than the next business day, allowing you to continue the conversation in real-time.


Heltti Clinics – “Helttiläs”

Visiting Heltti is delightful: You step into a cozy waiting area that more resembles a café and – because of that – goes by the name Lempi Café. At Lempi Café, you can enjoy fresh coffee or tea if you wish. Your Heltti expert — whether it’s a doctor, psychologist, occupational health nurse, nurse, or physiotherapist — will come to greet you and guide you to the appointment room. Welcome to Heltti!

Heltti locations are open by appointment only!

Always start by contacting HelttiLine or HelttiChat.

From there, a nurse will guide you to an appointment at Heltti or our partners – depending on your location and the necessary follow-up care.

Here’s a recap of the key contact channels:

  • HelttiLine 020 1470 770. Weekdays 7-21, weekends 9-17.
  • HelttiChat open on weekdays 8-16. You can find HelttiChat in the MyHeltti app or MyHeltti web version.

Heltti’s locations around Finland

Heltti clinics are open by appointment only. Always start by contacting us via HelttiLine or HelttiChat

What if I don’t live close to a Heltti clinic?

Heltti has an extensive healthcare network covering the entire Finland.
So, whether you live outside a Heltti location or work remotely, perhaps from a summer cottage, you can still access care quickly.

Always initiate remote contact with Heltti first, and a nurse will assess your situation and, if necessary, provide a referral to our partners.

Part IV: Insurances

You don’t have to worry or know what insurance your workplace has – here at Heltti, we have up-to-date information on them!

If your workplace has insurance, we at Heltti know its scope, what the insurance covers, and what it doesn’t.

If you fall ill or are concerned about your health or well-being, always start by contacting HelttiLine or HelttiChat!

In the line and chat, our nurses will guide you to the appropriate follow-up steps and are aware of your workplace’s potential insurance, providing instructions based on it.