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Work guidance is an impactful way to support and enhance experts’ work. Our experienced work guidance professionals at Heltti specialize particularly in supporting todays knowledge workers and those engaging in demanding expert tasks.

Work guidance is suitable for everyone with the desire to develop in their own work and enhance overall well-being at work. Heltti provides work guidance for experts, supervisors, and leadership, ensuring a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Lack of control, unique characteristics of knowledge work, and self-imposed demands contribute to the strain on knowledge workers.

Heltti’s knowledge workers’ mental health data 2023

Service in a nutshell


The nature and characteristics of knowledge work require work guidance.

Knowledge work, which is complex, abstract, and involves continuous problem-solving and creativity, can be demanding.

In work guidance, we strengthen the sense of control over work, ownership, and goals. We help structure tasks and roles. Work guidance can address problematic or challenging work situations based on specific cases.


Gaining control in knowledge work through work guidance

Individual work guidance offers benefits such as clarifying personal goals and work roles, and promoting a sense of control, work motivation, and well-being.

Work guidance in a group setting provides benefits such as a shared direction and clarified goals, organizing tasks and roles at the individual, team, and organizational levels, and developing a sense of ownership and control over one’s work.


Work guidance for individuals and groups, both remotely and in person

In individual work guidance, typical meeting duration is 1–1,5 hours. In work guidance for a group, typical meeting duration is 2 hours, with an ideal group size of 4-6 individuals.

The typical duration of the work guidance process is 5-10 sessions, with meetings spaced 2-8 weeks apart. The process includes follow-up and coaching with the subscriber, respecting the confidentiality of work guidance.

Meet our work guidance coaches

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Heltti’s trained work guidance professionals have diverse experience in organizational phenomena, work-related issues, and the comprehensive development of productivity and well-being.


Supervisory training helped develop coaching leadership style

As the working life, methods of work, and organizations evolve, leadership must evolve too. At Alma Talent, the focus in leadership has shifted increasingly towards coaching. That’s why the leadership skills and self-awareness of supervisors were deepened with coaching from Heltti’s organizational psychologist.

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