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Occupational health for knowledge workers

Finland’s only occupational health service specialized in knowledge work – offering the broadest care network and straightforward monthly pricing.

Heltti’s occupational health offers modern services tailored for knowledge workers, taking into consideration the evolving nature of work, changing work habits, and the daily challenges people face, including a rise in mental health issues and the growing importance of overall well-being.

Our occupational health services cater to workplaces focused on knowledge work, with employees predominantly based in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and/or the regions of Pirkanmaa, Turku, and Oulu.

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Heltti’s occupational health and workplace services for knowledge work environments

Small businesses

(20 ppl or less)

Mid-size businesses

(20-150 ppl)

Large businesses

(over 150 ppl)

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Finland’s only occupational health specialized in knowledge work environments

For decades occupational health in Finland has focused on treating the sick rather than keeping people healthy. However, the world has changed, and the most common occupational health threat for knowledge workers today is burnout.

Heltti’s occupational health services are designed to meet the needs of modern knowledge work, making us the only provider in Finland specializing in occupational health for knowledge work environments.

Our primary mission is to help keep working age individuals healthy. We collaborate with you to ensure that each individual thrives in their work and contributes effectively. This requires a holistic approach to individuals, identifying root causes, and implementing comprehensive strategic well-being management across the entire organization.

Information about Heltti’s operating model and answers to frequently asked questions

Quick access to treatment and the widest care network in Finland

Comprehensive services and over 90 service points at your disposal.

In today’s working landscape, tasks are tackled from various places and at different times. That’s why occupational health services need to be agile. Our healthcare approach is crafted to support the flexibility required in mobile and fast-paced knowledge work.

With a network comprising over 90 service points nationwide, we boast the broadest care coverage in Finland. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and other occupational health professionals takes care of our members across Heltti offices in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Oulu, and Turku.

We’re renowned for our nimble and proficient remote services. Our phone and chat services offer impressively quick response times, where a nurse is on hand to assist directly – more than 40% of queries find resolution right away through chat and phone.

Schibsted Suomi

Heltti is the occupational health of both today and tomorrow. On top of health care, we receive support in HR matters and company culture.

Sanni Moilanen, People & Culture Manager

our occupational health customers

Why Heltti?

  • Heltti is a 100% Finnish company owned by employees and Finnish private investors (including The English Tea Room, owned by the Paulig family, and Risto Siilasmaa’s First Fellow Partners).
  • We serve nearly 1,000 knowledge work companies nationwide.
  • At Heltti, traditional healthcare practices have been dismantled and rebuilt based on the principles of modern knowledge work.
  • Over 25% of our members speak a language other than Finnish as their mother tongue, so all services are naturally available in English as well.

Our team of experts

At Heltti, our diverse team comprises 200 passionate individuals, each not only specialized in their own field but also attuned to the nuances of knowledge work. From doctors, psychologists, and psychotherapists to occupational health nurses, physiotherapists, and organizational psychologists focusing on leadership and organizational development, our team brings a wealth of expertise. Alongside knowledge work, our professionals commonly specialize in areas like business coaching, supervision, and short therapeutic approaches.

Additionally, we have our own expert team focused on technology development, as well as customer care, sales, communication, and financial management teams dedicated to ensuring the smooth functioning of our clients’ and members’ everyday lives.

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