Is your company promoting employee wellbeing?

Or just paying someone to treat the sick?

Healthy people make up a thriving and productive workplace where employees want to stay.


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The world has changed,
the occupational health care system hasn’t

For decades the health care system has concentrated on treating the sick and not keeping people healthy. The traditional healthcare providers have their foot on your neck: the more sick your workers are, the more they earn.

Moreover, the traditional health care system isn’t designed for today’s knowledge work where we mostly work with our heads. Work exhaustion, burnout and mental health problems are in fact the biggest reason for sickness allowances in Finland.

At Heltti we think differently.

It should be in everybody’s interest to keep your staff healthy – also the health care service provider’s. Our fixed-fee pricing and service model designed for knowledge workers are based on the premise that a healthy employee is good for you and us.

Burnout is a workplace
accident of today

Most of today’s work is done with heads, not hands

Heltti’s services are designed with the wellbeing of modern knowledge workers in mind. Support services for mental health and work-related stress are easily accessible at Heltti. Based on our data, the use of psychologists increases by 300-400% after a company moves from traditional health care to Heltti. Our services include wellbeing services to help detect mental health issues early on. In addition, an integrated part of our service is working closely with HR and managers and supporting them in their work.


Heltti's services

Occupational health care for your company


Self-employment is on the rise. Only a healthy entrepreneur can be successful. Heltti’s health care services for freelancers and the self-employed help you stay healthy and succeed.

Small business

Small businesses are Finland’s future. Heltti has cost-effective occupational health care services to support the success and growth of small businesses. Our services are designed for the needs of knowledge workers.

Large business

When a company grows, managing wellbeing and people is key. We at Heltti are experts in today’s knowledge work. Healthy employees is what sets companies apart. Heltti’s services for large and fast-growing companies provide comprehensive support for employee wellbeing.

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Heltti is a Finnish health care company specializing in the health and wellbeing of knowledge workers. We operate in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Jyväskylä*. Thanks to our fixed-fee model we focus on keeping your employees healthy and treating illnesses efficiently. A remarkable 76% of consultations are done digitally at Heltti. This means that we can put maximum effort into the wellbeing of your employees and preventing mental health issues, so common in today’s knowledge-intensive work.

*If you have employees in other cities, we have agile solutions for that too.

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