Heltti Occupational Health – what is it like and how does it operate?

Finland's only occupational health service specialized in knowledge work – the widest care network and fixed monthly pricing.

The only specialized occupational health service for knowledge work in Finland – the widest care network and fixed monthly pricing.

Heltti’s occupational health service is a modern, knowledge work-focused healthcare service that takes into account the changing nature of work, work practices, the increasing challenges related to mental health, and the demand for holistic well-being. Heltti boasts Finland’s most extensive care network, enabling quick access to healthcare, comprehensive mental health services, and predictable and transparent pricing for businesses of all sizes. We are an easily approachable partner in managing well-being.

Our occupational health services are aimed at workplaces that focus on knowledge work, with their employees primarily working in the Greater Helsinki area and/or in the regions of Pirkanmaa, Turku, or Oulu.


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The world has changed,
the occupational health care system hasn’t

For decades the health care system has concentrated on treating the sick and not keeping people healthy. The traditional healthcare providers have their foot on your neck: the more sick your workers are, the more they earn.

Moreover, the traditional health care system isn’t designed for today’s knowledge work where we mostly work with our heads. Work exhaustion, burnout and mental health problems are in fact the biggest reason for sickness allowances in Finland.

At Heltti we think differently.

It should be in everybody’s interest to keep your staff healthy – also the health care service provider’s. Our fixed-fee pricing and service model designed for knowledge workers are based on the premise that a healthy employee is good for you and us.


Heltti's services

Occupational health care for your company

Self Employed / Freelancers

Self-employment is on the rise. Only a healthy entrepreneur can be successful.
Heltti’s health care services for freelancers and the self-employed help you stay healthy and succeed.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SME’s)

SME’s are Finland’s future. Heltti has cost-effective occupational health care services to support the success and growth of small businesses. Our services are designed for the needs of knowledge workers.

Large business

When a company grows, managing wellbeing and people is key. We at Heltti are experts in today’s knowledge work. Healthy employees is what sets companies apart. Heltti’s services for large and fast-growing companies provide comprehensive support for employee wellbeing.


Quick access to care and the widest care network in Finland.

Comprehensive services and over 90 locations at your disposal.

Work is now done anywhere and at any time, which is why healthcare access needs to be flexible as well. Our healthcare concept is designed to support mobile and fast-paced knowledge work.

We have Finland’s widest care network, consisting of over 90 locations. Our own doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals take care of our members at Heltti offices in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Oulu, and Turku. In addition, your employees have access to a broad partner network throughout Finland.

We are known for our agile and professional remote services. We offer exceptionally short response times in our phone and chat services, which are directly handled by nurses. Over 40% of inquiries are resolved immediately through chat and phone.


Comprehensive consideration of individual and your company's needs

What does it really mean for your employees and our collaboration?

We don’t just treat illnesses; we consider the individual as a whole – even when everything is going well. We are known for our preventive approach and genuinely caring about employees in our work with client companies. The foundation of our occupational health services is active collaboration with HR and supervisors, as well as easily accessible psychophysical well-being support services for employees.

Our corporate-level partnership is personalized and goal-oriented. Your company will have a dedicated, multidisciplinary team, ensuring seamless information flow. We are particularly appreciated for our comprehensive well-being management models, processes, and corporate-level coaching. We believe that well-being can and should be managed purposefully and systematically – only then can workplaces be created where people can thrive, succeed in their work, and achieve results.

Among our multidisciplinary team of experts, you’ll find the best professionals in occupational health, healthcare, mental health, and work capacity management in Finland.


Modern Digital Services and Tools

Supported by our own health management system

Effective occupational health collaboration is at its best when communication with your own occupational health team is proactive and effortless, and all parties have a genuine understanding of the company’s work capacity and health situation, managed through data-driven collaboration.

We have developed tools and digital services for our clients and their employees that enable seamless interactions and modern management of both company and employee health.

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Heltti is a Finnish health care company specializing in the health and wellbeing of knowledge workers. We operate in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Tampere and Oulu*. Thanks to our fixed-fee model we focus on keeping your employees healthy and treating illnesses efficiently. A remarkable 76% of consultations are done digitally at Heltti. This means that we can put maximum effort into supporting the wellbeing of your employees and preventing mental health issues, which unfortunately are very common in today’s knowledge work.

*If you have employees in other cities, we have agile solutions for that too.

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