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Does occupational health care and the jargon surrounding it seem complicated? Our experts have gathered answers to the most common questions for you.

When is occupational health care mandatory? What is a workplace survey? Should the same services be offered to all employees? Occupational health care and practices raise various questions for employers and employees. At Heltti, we want to make the jungle of occupational health care clearer for you.

Frequently asked questions about occupational health

Occupational health care terminology

What is a workplace survey, and when is it conducted? What is risk assessment? And when and how is an action plan created?

In this section, you will find advice and answers to navigate the occupational health care terminology.

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We specialize in knowledge workspaces and knowledge workers

We want to keep you and your staff healthy and productive. Our modern, effective services support and enhance workability, resilience, and overall well-being. We offer occupational health services tailored just for you – whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a representative of a small growing business, or an employee in a large organization.

Heltti’s occupational health services are designed to meet the needs of modern knowledge work. We all have the same brain at work and at home – that’s why it’s crucial to take care of this vital asset. We have a dream. We believe that burnout, as a phenomenon, can be overcome. #ZeroBurnout.

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