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Leadership coaching is integral to enhancing leadership effectiveness. Our experienced leadership coaches at Heltti empower you to delve deeper into leadership methodologies, enhance your reflective capacity, and steer your organization towards enduring transformations.

A leader is often quite isolated in their role. Simultaneously, leadership and the role of a leader are undergoing a transformation – with leaders facing rapid changes and challenging situations in the workplace. The opportunity to receive support, guidance for one’s thoughts, and gain a deeper understanding of oneself should be a fundamental right for every leader.

How does a leader protect themselves and their team from burnout? How do you ensure that you have space for reflection?

Tanja Lappi, business coach, burnout activist and occupational health psychologist

Service in a nutshell:


Coaching makes lasting improvements and fosters growth.

Leading in the world of remote and hybrid knowledge work is demanding.

We focus on enhancing leadership in knowledge work settings and helping individuals in their roles as leaders. Leadership coaching aids in clarifying thoughts, expanding perspectives, and improving approaches.


Coaches specialized in knowledge work management

We are a business coaching partner that combines profound psychological expertise with strong business insight. We provide tailored support to help you better understand your own behavior and guiding factors. With us, you strengthen your leadership, achieve your strategic goals, and create sustainable innovations in your organization.


Coaching for individuals and groups, both remotely and in person

In executive coaching, meetings typically range from 5 to 10 sessions, lasting 1 to 1,5 hours each. Sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely.

Our coaches are psychologists or social psychologists with comprehensive experience in leadership and managerial roles, in addition to coaching-specific training.

Get to know our leadership coaches:

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Our Organizational and Leadership Coaches are not only experts in the human mind but also seasoned leaders who have navigated managerial roles themselves. They understand the challenges of leading knowledge work. Our coaches provide support, guidance, understanding, and the right amount of challenge to facilitate growth.


Supervisory training helped develop coaching leadership style

As the working life, methods of work, and organizations evolve, leadership must evolve too. At Alma Talent, the focus in leadership has shifted increasingly towards coaching. That’s why the leadership skills and self-awareness of supervisors were deepened with coaching from Heltti’s organizational psychologist.

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