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Customized occupational health services for large businesses

Well-being is one of the future’s greatest competitive advantages, where the winners are the employers and leaders who choose to actively lead well-being. For precisely such workplaces, we have created Heltti’s occupational health specialized for knowledge work environments.

Read more about what kind of occupational health care understands not only the role of a modern occupational health care partner but also what burdens knowledge work.

Heltti has discarded traditional healthcare practices and built its approach based on the foundations of modern knowledge work.

Heltti’s model transforms occupational health
from a cost into an investment

We operate as part of your company’s HR team

In Heltti’s service model, we integrate the well-being expertise of organizational psychologists as an integral part of your HR team. Active communication between the occupational health team and HR is the key to successful collaboration.

Time and location-independent healthcare

Our unique healthcare concept is built purely from the perspective of our customers and members, supporting mobile and hectic knowledge and information work. Read more about Heltti and our digital services.

Expert in Knowledge Work and Support for Knowledge Workers

Most productive work nowadays is done with the mind, not the hands – that’s why it’s crucial to take care of the primary tool for knowledge workers. At Heltti, mental support services are readily available.

Schibsted Suomi

Heltti is the occupational health of both today and tomorrow. On top of health care, we receive support in HR matters and company culture.

Sanni Moilanen, People & Culture Manager

our occupational health customers

Why Heltti?

  • Heltti is a 100% Finnish company owned by its employees and Finnish private investors, including The English Tea Room (Paulig family) and Risto Siilasmaa’s First Fellow Partners.
  • We serve nearly 1,000 knowledge work companies nationwide.
  • At Heltti, traditional healthcare practices have been dismantled and rebuilt based on the principles of modern knowledge work.
  • Over 25% of our members speak a language other than Finnish as their mother tongue, so all services are naturally available in English as well.

Additional information

Customer Story: Schibsted SuomI

Strategic, multidisciplinary collaboration and low-threshold coaching

Employing over 200 knowledge workers, Schibsted Finland has been promoting the well-being and health of its employees in collaboration with Heltti since 2015. “Heltti is the present and future of occupational health care”.

our occupational health customers

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