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Fixed price occupational health care for small companies

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At Heltti, we want to help small businesses build workplaces where employees can thrive, enjoy their work, and achieve results.

We want to ensure that knowledge work enhances the well-being of knowledge workers both at work and at home.

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Fixed price occupational health packages

Compare the packages and choose the one that suits your organization’s needs the best


You need to start somewhere when hiring the first employees for your company. The Beginner Package is suitable when you need to fulfill legal obligations and want a partner that is Finnish and personal


(Before Kela reimbursements)


When you want your employees to access healthcare quickly, regardless of time and place. The Caretaker package is a smart choice: faster treatment means a quicker return to the workplace.


(Before Kela reimbursements)


When you want your workplace to proactively invest in people’s well-being and maintaining good workability. You want to ensure that you also have the expertise to manage well-being, with an expert partner by your side.


(Before Kela reimbursements)

Invoiced services based on usage  Comprehensive comparison of occupational health packages

Why Heltti?

We are Finland’s only occupational health service specialized in knowledge workspaces and knowledge workers.

Knowledge work is undergoing a transformation. We live in an era of multitasking, hybrid work, and information overload. An era where mental health-related absences are on the rise year after year.

We understand the challenges of knowledge workplaces and small businesses. We identify and prevent factors that contribute to the burden of knowledge work. We are a partner who is genuinely present in your everyday life.

Why is Heltti the best choice as the occupational health partner for your small business?

  • Get help swiftly both in person and remotely
  • Predictable costs thanks to our transparent pricing
  • We are present in your everyday life: You will have your own designated occupational health nurse
  • Additional services: Well-being library and training to support your company

Heltti as a partner in occupational health

Experiences and feedback from our customers


“Working together with Heltti is all about making things easy. No need to sit around in waiting rooms when your hands are already full.”

Vili Santala, CEO

Taito research

“Choosing Heltti for our occupational health partner was a no-brainer.

We were drawn in by the straightforward service models, user-friendly experience, laid-back vibe, and approachability.”

Pia Kantola, CEO


“Employees have been pleasantly surprised that occupational health is more present in everyday life than before. Heltti is a partner that aligns with our values.”

Nina Uhlenius, HR and culture manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Heltti’s occupational health work? What does knowledge work mean? Here are some answers to the most common questions!

84% of our occupational health clients are small businesses
(which equals over 700 organizations)

Customer story: Valote

The first occupational health service for a growing company

When a company is hiring its first employee, obtaining at least statutory occupational health care quickly becomes relevant. But how do you choose the right partner? And can occupational health also provide assistance remotely?

our occupational health customers

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