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Ever wondered if your approach to managing work ability hits the mark? What if you could not only figure that out but also get a personalized roadmap for improvement?

Enter Heltti’s Work Ability Management Assessment and Improvement Plan – your toolkit for a deep dive into where you stand. It’s not just an assessment; it’s your personalized guide, crafted by experts. Imagine having a roadmap that not only supports your daily grind but also keeps your eyes on the prize of continuous improvement. Exciting, right?

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Work Ability Management
Assessment and Improvement Plan


Understanding the big picture enables impact

Work ability management is a multifaceted, extensive, and often fragmented puzzle, making it challenging for most organizations to grasp, let alone implement.

Enter Heltti’s Work Ability Management Assessment and Improvement Plan is a straightforward yet impactful solution. It’s your ticket to gaining a comprehensive view of the current state of work ability management, its practices, roles, and areas for improvement.


Affordable and practical tool for effective work ability management

Heltti’s Work Ability Management Assessment and Improvement Plan offers a straightforward and budget-friendly approach to discover:

  • Areas where your organization excels and opportunities for improvement.
  • Measures that support advancing to the next level in work ability management.

The assessment considers the size, structure, and personnel of your organization.


Comprehensive overview and an improvement plan

  1. A 360° survey for strategic Work Ability Management, collecting data on workplace practices, expertise, and experiences in Work Ability Management.
  2. Analysis of results, a summary, and conclusions compiled by our specialists in Work Ability Management.
  3. Building a development plan for Work Ability Management based on conclusions, collaboratively with key individuals in your organization.

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Supervisory training helped develop coaching leadership style

As the working life, methods of work, and organizations evolve, leadership must evolve too. At Alma Talent, the focus in leadership has shifted increasingly towards coaching. That’s why the leadership skills and self-awareness of supervisors were deepened with coaching from Heltti’s organizational psychologist.



  • Comprehensive overview of the current state for HR decision-makers, top management, and HR teams.
  • Clear plan for HR, the executive team, and supervisors to utilize.
  • Increased understanding for the entire staff about the various aspects of Work Ability Management and how it concerns the entire workplace, something everyone can contribute to.
  • If desired, we provide coaching and support in monitoring the Work Ability Management development plan and sharing best practices.

Meet our experts

Heltti’s experienced experts in work ability management:

Tanja Lappi: Work Ability Management Specialist, Occupational Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, and one of the founders of Heltti.

Katriina Kanto is an expert who has developed work ability management for dozens of medium and large companies as well as growth companies. Katriina has a background as an occupational health nurse.

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