Download: guide & workbook

Tools for leading change: A guide for executive teams

Concrete tools and discussion/reflection questions to support change leadership and accelerate transformation

In this workbook / guide:

56% of transformation failures are attributed to people-related reasons. Our experienced organizational psychologists, who have supported transformations in various organizations, have compiled a guide for you and your executive team on handling change within the executive team. Incorporate the guide into your executive team’s work and various phases of change management.

A comprehensive, thought-provoking, and transformation-preparing package includes:

  • Customized questions designed for executive teams to foster dialogue, aid in transformational leadership, and organize change discussions – incorporate them into your executive team sessions.
  • Resources for expediting change, such as identifying critical junctures and navigating emotions.
  • A resource for crafting a meaningful vision for change.
  • Guidance and resources for managing change, along with identifying roles and capabilities that support transformation.