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Heltti’s Mindcare offers counseling support from a psychologist to enhance your well-being at work. Our goal is to provide prompt and easy assistance with the least possible hassle. You can access this support remotely, at Heltti clinics, or even directly at your workplace.

Nearly every working-age individual encounters stress, pressure, and difficult situations in their daily lives. Even minor well-being and mental challenges can swiftly affect an employee’s productivity, work capacity, and problem-solving abilities. Unfortunately, issues related to mental well-being and mental health are often left untreated.

Mindcare serves as an efficient and economical solution for employers to offer their employees a chance to seek help and get the care they need.

Did you know that mental health-related sick leaves OF knowledge workers have increased by +68% between 2019-2023?

Typical absences related to depression last at least one month. The estimated cost of presenteeism is between 1,600-2,500 € per employee per year.

Mindcare in a nutshell


Same mind at work and at home

In knowledge work, your mind is your main tool. Just like any tool, it performs best when it’s well taken care of.

The purpose of Heltti’s Mindcare is to address factors hindering productive thinking and help find better ways of functioning. Often, employees turn to a psychologist for a chat about work, personal well-being, or finding that balance between work and life.


Effective support provided by a psychologist

The mental well-being support provided by psychologists is an easily accessible, 1-3 session discussion aid that…

  • A chance to express and organize thoughts for moving forward.
  • Possible solutions for lighter challenges.
  • A less intimidating way to seek help for more serious issues, with assistance in planning next steps.
  • No official record-keeping involved


Cost-effective for the employer – impactful for the employee

For the employer: You can choose how often employees can use the Mind Care service each year and decide whether to offer it remotely, at Heltti locations, and/or whether to have a psychologist available for one-time or regular visits at your workplace.

For the employee: Mind Care can be a one-time session or a series of appointments. During these sessions, we delve into the employee’s mental challenges and seek concrete solutions together with an experienced professional.

Customer story: Supercell

Enhancing the mental well-being of gaming industry experts

In a workplace where experts approach their work with passion, special attention must be given to well-being and mind management. Read how Supercell takes care of its employees’ most important tool – the mind.

these organizations trust our mental wellbeing services

Why Heltti?

  • +90 specialized psychologists and psychotherapists in knowledge work, allowing your employees to choose a mental well-being provider that suits them best.
  • We are an experienced Finnish operator, serving nearly 1,000 knowledge work companies nationwide.
  • Our expertise lies in knowledge work and its peculiarities, as well as identifying factors and root causes that hinder knowledge work.
  • All professionals offering mental well-being support have additional training in short-term therapeutic approaches, enhancing the effectiveness of their counseling.
  • Over 25% of our members speak a language other than Finnish as their native language, making all services available in English, Swedish, and other languages.

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