Heltti’s tools and digital services for occupational health clients

We’ve created tools and digital services for our clients and their employees, making it easy to manage both company and employee health in a modern way.

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Heltti’s own health management system in the background

No traditional patient information system met our needs – we manage the work ability and overall health of our clients and employees in a modern way, utilizing anticipation and data analytics. That’s why we developed our own modern health management system. We’ll tell you a bit more about it and open up our services for customer representatives, supervisors, and employees.


  • Customized reporting and data analytics
  • Contact person and supervisor channels
  • HelttiView portal

FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES (Heltti’s Members)

  • MyHeltti mobile app and browser version
  • Digital contact channels
  • Wellness library (articles, webinars, other content)

Tools for Employers

Optimal workplace health collaboration occurs when communication with your occupational health team is proactive and effortless, ensuring all parties have a genuine understanding of the company’s work capacity and health situation, managed collaboratively through data utilization.

Proactive well-being and work capacity metrics enable early intervention in communal challenges. Heltti’s multidisciplinary team analyzes data and collaborates with you to develop work capacity management. We tailor reporting and metrics to meet the needs of your company!

Our tools support seamless collaboration, allowing you to focus on the essentials and address risks effectively.

Explore our reporting, communication channels, and HelttiView portal for more details.

Employers’ tools in a nutshell


The customer team formed by Heltti’s experts from various fields analyzes data according to the customer care model 1-4 times a year. The report provides insights into your organization’s data, benchmark data, and information related to work capacity management. Behind it is Heltti’s unique data collection method based on subtle signals from every contact point. With the data, we can identify those at an early stage of work capacity risk and offer proactive support before the situation escalates.


At the heart of our collaboration is low-threshold communication with both HR and supervisors. We provide dedicated communication channels for HR representatives and supervisors in MyHeltti to connect with Heltti’s occupational health team, making communication, especially regarding work capacity issues, easy.

At Heltti’s customer service channel our customers receive assistance with, among other things, contract and billing matters.


HelttiView -customer portal is a tool for customer company representatives to conveniently manage various aspects of the partnership, such as:

  • Member information updates (can also be implemented through integration with the HR system)
  • Reviewing contract and customer information
  • Secure transmission of documents.

Heltti’s members’ tools

Members of Heltti’s occupational health can easily get in touch and monitor their own information through digital services:

  • MyHeltti is available for members 24/7 on mobile or desktop.
  • Through HelttiChat and HelttiLine, a member can directly reach a nurse and receive immediate expert assistance. During the same contact, the member can also receive guidance and schedule further examinations if needed.
  • Using the Occupational Health Messaging channel in MyHeltti, members can effortlessly connect with their own occupational health team.

Additionally, occupational health members have access to a diverse library of self-care content, online courses, and materials. Themes include mental health and well-being, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Member’s tools in a nuthshell


MyHeltti is a tool where you can find everything related to your well-being and connect with professionals from various fields at Heltti. MyHeltti is available to you 24/7, both as a mobile app and a web version.

What can you find in MyHeltti?

  • All matters related to your Heltti membership and the services available to you
  • You can contact and communicate through HelttiChat or the Occupational Health Messaging channel
  • View your appointments, office locations for visits, and easily start a remote appointment
  • Access digital surveys, well-being libraries, and digital coaching.


We are here for you! Your own health team is ready to assist with non-urgent matters related to your work ability and health. Don’t hesitate to send us a message about any health concerns on your mind. Send a message to your occupational health nurse through the Occupational Health Messaging channel in the MyHeltti service.

For urgent matters, you can reach a nurse directly through HelttiChat and HelttiLine and receive immediate expert assistance. During the same contact, if needed, you can also get guidance and schedule further examinations. HelttiChat is available in the MyHeltti service on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. HelttiLine serves at the number +358 20 1470 770 on weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm.


MyHealth Surveys: You can find your personal health and occupational stress factor surveys in the MyHeltti service. A personalized follow-up care path will be defined based on your survey results.

Well-being Library and Digital Coaching: By logging into MyHeltti, you have access to digital coaching, videos, and other content created by our experts focusing on sleep, nutrition, exercise, and recovery. Start digital coaching when it suits you best and improve your well-being!

At with.heltti.fi, you can find information, support, and therapy for mental well-being – available 24/7. Explore content created by experienced and popular therapists and psychologists on various mental health and well-being topics

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