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Frequently asked questions about occupational health in Heltti

On this page we’ve gathered you some information about Heltti’s occupational health services, pricing, and practices

Here you can find answers to questions related to Heltti’s occupational health agreements, pricing, and operating principles, as well as other occupational health services. If you need additional information about Heltti’s occupational health, please contact Katriina directly.

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For whom is Heltti’s occupational health intended?

We specialize in knowledge work environments and knowledge workers

The world is changing, and instead of physical ailments, the most common occupational health threat for knowledge workers is burnout.

That’s precisely why knowledge workers need a genuinely caring, burnout-fighting, and mentally understanding partner by their side. One who comprehends the unique characteristics and stress factors of knowledge work and suggests timely interventions. At Heltti, that’s exactly what we are.

We primarily serve knowledge work environments, where the majority of employees are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and Turku regions, as well as the Oulu region.

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