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We help people and knowledge workplaces feel better.

At Heltti, we are dedicated to building workplaces where people thrive, succeed, and achieve results while feeling their best.

Heltti specializes in knowledge work, offering tailored occupational health services, comprehensive mental health and well-being support, as well as leadership development and workplace improvement services throughout Finland.

Your Everyday Partner in Over 1,000 Knowledge Workplaces

Our services

Occupational healthcare for knowledge-intensive companies

Mental health services for knowledge-intensive companies

Workplace and team development services

Leadership development and coaching services

Over 1000 organizations are building a productive and well-being-oriented knowledge work with us

Our clients, along with us, believe and know that knowledge work can be both productive and conducive to well-being. Changes, actions, and learning are needed systematically—not just at the individual level. Therefore, our services support knowledge workers as individuals, as teams and communities, and those leading knowledge work.

Leaders and HR teams

We provide expert services and analytics to support effective leadership in knowledge work for executives and HR professionals.


We are empowering supervisors. Strengthening the everyday leadership skills of supervisors in knowledge work and supporting their well-being.

Knowledge workers

We are enhancing knowledge workers’ well-being. Our expertise lies in supporting and strengthening the well-being, productivity, and resilience of knowledge workers.

Work communities

In the face of rapid workplace transformations, we offer support in adapting to change, shaping new shared routines, and fostering well-being.

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