Press Release: Heltti and Oral Initiate Occupational Dental Care Partnership

Henna Ojala

Heltti and Oral have commenced a collaboration that offers Heltti’s occupational health clients a broader range of services and benefits. Moving forward, Heltti’s service packages, specialized for cognitive work, can now include occupational dental care services. Additionally, through this partnership, discounts on Oral’s services are available as a membership benefit to those covered by Heltti’s occupational health services.

Starting from March 2024, Heltti’s occupational health clients can take advantage of Oral Dentists’ high-quality and comprehensive dental and hygienist services alongside Heltti’s occupational health services. This collaboration offers companies the opportunity to provide their employees with a more comprehensive and holistic occupational healthcare solution.

Heltti’s occupational health clients can offer their employees occupational dental care services up to a predetermined coverage limit. Furthermore, Heltti and Oral provide rotating membership benefits to employees of companies using Heltti’s occupational health services.

“Dental issues often cause pain and other symptoms that can interfere with work. It’s hard to concentrate in the midst of pain, and it can slow down or even prevent work. Poor oral health is also linked to life-quality reducing common diseases, such as diabetes. Therefore, preventive and corrective dental care are important components of comprehensive healthcare,” states Heltti’s occupational health doctor, Marja-Leena Hyypiä.

“The interest of companies in offering dental care services to their employees is a clear signal that the comprehensive well-being of employees is a priority. The partnership with Oral enables our customers a wide range of occupational dental care services and provides our members with easy access to high-quality occupational dental care services at over 60 locations across Finland,” says Heltti’s Commercial Director, Anni Tuominen.

“We are pleased to start this collaboration with Heltti. The oral health and overall well-being of Finns are of paramount importance to us at Oral. This cooperation allows us to better consider the comprehensive well-being of Heltti’s clients,” says Oral’s Regional Director, Jarkko Tuunainen.

“The health of teeth and mouth is an essential part of overall well-being and thus also promotes work ability. The risk of acute dental problems decreases when employees have easy and quick access to high-quality dental clinics. This, in turn, reduces absences from work and helps maintain the well-being of employees,” continues Heltti’s occupational health doctor, Marja-Leena Hyypiä.

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