Hellon: Occupational health specialized in knowledge work and mental well-being for top-notch service designers

Case Hellon

Hellon, a team dedicated to enhancing customer experiences, sought more than just a typical flu clinic for their occupational health. With a demanding audience of forty professionals shaping the world’s best customer experiences, they needed a health partner that went beyond the ordinary. Since 2014, Heltti has been Hellon’s occupational health partner, providing a unique approach to health services that aligns with Hellon’s vision.

“The dedicated Hellon team at Heltti knows Hellon inside out, enabling them to provide profound and preventive assistance.”

Partnership in a nutshell

The starting point

“Hellon is constantly growing as a company, and operations are continuously developed with the goal of being a leader in the industry. In such a transformation, it’s important to have a partner who understands us and suits a creative team like ours, where the mind is the most important tool,” as described by Gapps.

Why Heltti?

In Hellon, there was a desire for the collaboration with occupational health not to be superficial and not to focus solely on healthcare but also on prevention. They also wished for a partner who understands the intricacies of knowledge work and considers mental well-being.

A glimpse into the partnership today

The collaboration between Heltti and Hellon is close and interactive. Heltti’s team knows Hellon’s organization and its people, the ways creative professionals work, as well as the strengths and core challenges of the company. Heltti is seen as an important support pillar and a safety net, making it easy to seek advice and assistance on health matters.

Heltti’s services in this partnership

  • Workplace healthcare for knowledge workers, including comprehensive services, with the Forerunner package at Hellon.
  • The package includes remote healthcare and support for workability, among other services. Hellon’s service package is combined with health insurance.
  • Interested in the Forerunner package? Contact us for more details!

Healthcare insurance combined with Heltti’s occupational health services

At the beginning of 2020, Hellon adopted a model where Heltti’s services are integrated with a health insurance. This means that Heltti serves as the primary organizer of Hellon’s occupational health services, responsible for providing preventive health services, mental health care, and general practitioner-level remote care for Hellon employees. The health insurance, on the other hand, covers all physical healthcare appointments within Heltti’s partner network.

“In my opinion, the combination of Heltti and health insurance is employee-centered rather than purely insurance-technical, as such arrangements tend to be. Hellon employees always have a clear path: first contact Heltti, and either the matter is handled there or, if there is a need to see specialists in person, there is access to a wide network of partners, and Heltti knows how to guide to the right place,” describes Karoliina Lehtonen, Hellon’s Chief Operating Officer and HR Manager.

“Heltti is always the first point of contact for Hellon employees, whether it’s about renewing a prescription, coping issues, a physical ailment, or where to go for a COVID test. Often, the matter is resolved and progresses over the phone or through Heltti’s online service MyHeltti, without the employee having to go anywhere physically. With health counseling and guidance that takes into account the challenges of active knowledge work, in Heltti’s model, doctor visits typically decrease by 55-65%, the share of healthcare costs related to illness drops to about 35%, and preventive care rises to 65%

In none of my previous workplaces has occupational health been such an essential and integral part of my work. Thanks to the Heltti model, information about Hellon and employees’ well-being is centrally managed by Heltti.


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