We are Heltti

We help people and knowledge workplaces feel better.

Solutions for workplaces. Therapy services for individuals

Are you looking for solutions for your workplace?

We already serve +1000 customer organizations and tens of thousands of employees all over Finland.

  • Occupational health focused on knowledge workers
  • Organizational and leadership development services
  • Coaching
  • Mental well-being services for workplaces
For workplaces

Are you looking for therapy or information about mental well-being?

From withHeltti you will find Heltti’s +90 psychotherapists and psychologist short therapists, as well as an extensive knowledge bank and self-care tips.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Short therapy
  • Couple and family therapy
  • Therapy for young people
For individuals


A group of more than +160 experts of knowledge work, doctors, psychologists, management and organizational development experts, occupational health nurses, psychotherapists, nurses and physiotherapists.

For ten years, we have worked energetically to make workplaces and people feel better. We believe that burnout can be defeated at workplaces, and a responsible working life creates well-being for both business and people.