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Heltti in a nutshell

Finnish companies pay when their employees are sick. What they really want to pay for is for their employees to stay healthy. Heltti disrupted the occupational health care business by providing a fixed price model. Your company and Heltti both have the same goal: to keep your employees healthy. (Video in Finnish.)

Said about us

I sent an image of my infected eye to my health team. The doctor made a mobile diagnosis of a mole infection and wrote me an e-prescription to the nearest pharmacy. It took me half a minute to take care of the problem and picked up the medicine in an hour.

Susanna Rantanen

Heltti Member Susanna Rantanen

A fixed price occupational health care model works. There are no financial surprises and we can forecast the costs. The model also ensures that the service providers really have the intention to keep the customers healthy.

Katja Kumpulainen

Heltti Member Katja Kumpulainen