Health care for
those who think
for a living

Heltti offers occupational health and
wellbeing services for knowledge workers.
We keep your team healthy,
not just wait for them to get sick.


Professionals of modern knowledge work

We are Heltti

Founded in 2013, Heltti is Finnish health care company, focused on providing occupational health care and wellbeing services to knowledge workers. We have clinics in 7 locations in Finland, keeping 12,000 employees of over 700 companies healthy.

We believe the traditional occupational health care system is outdated. It’s not helping the modern worker who thinks for a living. Work exhaustion, burnout and mental health problems are the biggest reasons for sickness allowances in Finland today. From the day one, Heltti has operated with the knowledge workers interests at heart.

Heltti has a unique company culture. In the 2019 Great Place to Work study, Heltti was chosen as the second-best Finnish workplace and the best European workplace in the field of healthcare.


More about Heltti

What our customers say about Heltti?

Terhi Minkkinen

“We have a customer relationship that’s based on open communication and partnership. We support each other.”

Terhi Minkkinen

HR Specialist Terhi Minkkinen
Laura Typpö

"Heltti's most significant advantage is that doctors, psychologists and nurses are easily accessible, and as an HR, I can rely on a skilled and caring partner, even in challenging work ability situations."

Laura Typpö

Talent Acquisition Lead Laura Typpö
Sanni Moilanen

“Our cooperation has been more extensive than just taking care of single staff members. Our needs have been listened to and catered for extremely well.”

Sanni Moilanen

HR Sanni Moilanen

Health care for those who think for a living

Want to know more?

We are a Finnish health care provider specializing in knowledge workers. We have a fixed monthly fee, which means that a healthy worker is in your and our interests. No surprise fees. We are active in supporting and improving the wellbeing of your talent.

We operate in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Jyväskylä. If your company has team members in other cities, we have agile solutions there too.

For all your health needs, get Heltti.

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