Work supervision and group work supervision

We work in more demanding and complex operating environments. The requirements of competence as well as work intensity and efficiency are tougher than ever before. Continuous reformation is required of individuals and communities, change agility is the latest buzzword, self-determination and self-organization are becoming commonplace in organizations.

A time should be set aside for self-reflection and thorough analysis related to one’s actions.


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What is work supervision?

Work supervision at work supports renewal and well-being

Group supervision is a collaborative learning approach which involves both the individual and the community via dialogue.

This is a joint interpretation and structuring of issues, experiences and feelings related to work, the work community, and one’s own work role. Workplace counselling can be used to deal with; for an example, problematic or burdensome customer service relations.

Group supervision process typically takes 5-10 times, the meetings last around 2 hours, meetings are every 2-8 weeks, and the ideal group size is 3-6 people.


Benefits of group work supervision

According to research, in organizations where supervision has been implemented, a connection has been established between supervision and the following factors:


  • The common direction and objectives become clearer
  • Ownership and a sense of control over one’s own work develops
  • Tasks and roles are structured at individual, group and organizational levels
  • Learning and reforming together increase
  • Leadership and collaboration develops
  • The enablement of labor productivity development


  • The quality and efficiency of work and customer satisfaction improve
  • The professional identity of the employee is strengthened
  • Coping at work improves sharing your own experiences which reinforces the inner strength
  • Workplace counselling enables learning from others
  • Improvement in the community atmosphere and a decrease in work absentees
  • Management and leadership are evolving

Why to work with us?

From Heltti, you will find experienced work supervisors with an organizational psychology and psychotherapist background.

  • We are professionals in work and organizational psychology with a solid experience base in business and public administration organizations
  • We are experienced supervisors and work with experts, supervisors, managers and management teams
  • We specialize especially in the development of the everyday worklife, work community and management of thought workers and knowledge intensive organizations
  • We reform thinking and operating models, strengthen leadership, develop the organisation’s operating culture, resolve conflict situations and support individuals on the path to growth

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