Work Ability Management

Have you every wondered how work ability management is being operated in your organization and if you’re doing it the right way?

Heltti helps you with improving your Work Ability Management by cleverly identifying the current state comprehensively and create a thorough action plan made just for your organization in collaboration with our professionals.


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Why work ability should be monitored and traced

Work ability management is a wide concept. Conceptualizing or implementing it as a part of an organizations everyday operations can be challenging.Heltti’s work ability monitoring and developing program was born from large demand of our customers. Now it’s available for everyone.

Heltti’s work ability management monitoring and developing program is an effective way to find out:

  • What’s being done well in your organization
  • Areas that need improvement
  • What kind of measures would help You with getting to the next step on the ladder of work ability management
  • Organization’s size, structure and number of personnel is naturally taken into account in the process.


What are the benefits of this program?

Heltti’s program for monitoring and developing organizations’ Work Ability Management is a simple but effective way for you to get an overall picture of the current state of your organization’s work ability management, methods, roles and development areas.

We’ll help you create a development plan together with top tier professionals to meet the needs of your organization. The development plan can be used to foster your organization’s everyday life and to monitor development measures.

This process supports the entire organization:

  • An overall picture of the current state for HR decision-makers, senior management and the HR team
  • A clear plan for HR, the management team and supervisors to use
  • Increase understanding for the entire staff of what performance / work ability management entails and how it is a matter for the entire work community.


What's included?

Our work ability management and developing program includes:

  1. Strategic work ability management survey,
    which is used to collect information about the working methods, skills and experiences of workplace performance management. The survey is conducted with a 360° perspective.

  2. Analysis and compilation of results:
    Our experts specializing in workforce management analyze the answers and compile a summary, analysis and conclusions from them for your organization to support the creation of a development plan.
  3. Blueprinting a development plan together with your key personnel: Based on the conclusions, together with the key personnel of your organization, a development plan for work ability management is built for the workplace.

If you wish, you can also receive sparring from us regularly in the future, for example once a month or a few times a year, and support for monitoring the development plan for work ability management and best practices.

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