Work Ability Management for HR

People in charge of work ability management and HR- & people-teams often face high expectations. This can be seen as increasing work loads and having to be in charge of multiple different projects. And then on the other hand they should be able to create strategies for work ability management, develop and improve it in all levels across their organizations AND train, guide, coach – and solve possible work performance cases. Quite stressful, eh?

Our work ability professionals will coach and help you with improving and developing your work ability management methods.


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Help, support and coaching for HR or People Teams

The busiest bees in every work place are usually the members of HR- and People-teams. Their input is often needed in management teams to work on strategy or representing the voice of the employees. At the same time, managers and supervisors need their support in the challenges of Work Ability Management. This leads to HR representatives’ hands being often (too) full.

Heltti’s experienced work ability management experts join your HR or People teams to help build new operating models for work ability management, put these new models and strategies into action and act as HR’s personal coach in the more challenging work ability cases.

Heltti’s work ability management promotion and coaching is available for everyone regardless whether your organization is a client of our occupational healthcare services.


We're a part of your team when you need us

We are quite flexible with how we offer this service, because we understand that the situation and needs of your organization are unique. Typically we work with our clients for longer periods of time – for example for a couple of days per month, or a few hours every week.

People often need our help when they:

  • want to elevate their work ability management – either strategically or in everyday routines
  • need regular coaching in the daily operations of work ability management
  • solve acute work ability cases and need help with them
  • wonder how to improve and increase management’s and supervisors work ability management skills


Experienced Work Ability Professionals at your service!

We have coached and supported hundreds of different organizations in improving and developing their work ability management. We’ve trained employees and managers, and helped implementing new strategies as a part of organizations’ daily operations. We’ve seen it all – the methods that work…and the one’s which don’t. When you ask us to coach you, we share our best working methods and models with you.

Työkykyjohtamisen asiantuntijoitamme ovat esimerkiksi:

  • Tanja Lappi, an experienced work ability management professional, occupational health care psychologist, business coach and a published author.
  • Mari Laari is an experienced occupational health care psychologist, who also works as an organizational psychologist. Mari also actively trains and coaches managers and supervisors on Work Ability Management.
  • Anni Pura [maternity leave] works as an organizational psychologist and work ability management specialist. She specialzies in analyzing data and trends to manage various risks in human resources.

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