Work Ability Coaching for Managers

How is occupational well-being managed in the workplace with a preventive approach?
Which factors affect the management of work ability and well-being at work?
And who is involved in work capacity and management – what is each person’s role?

Heltti and Heltti’s experts are known to be pioneers in the management of strategic work ability and well-being at work. We specialize especially in the development and management of models of working capacity and well-being at work for thought workers and thought work organizations.We help you to find the most effective ways to manage work ability for the front-line employees of your organization.


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Managing work ability is everyone's job

Effective work ability management requires clear models, goal-oriented work, change management and the ability to measure effectiveness. Modern work ability management is proactive, which also sets the conditions for analytics that tell about work ability and well-being at work and the utilization of various data points.

Supervisors are the key people for the success and realization of work ability management. Ability to work is influenced by good management of everyday work and people. The purpose of the training is to inspire, encourage and commit supervisors to performance management and to increase their capabilities and skills in this area. 



Increasing understanding

Heltti’s work ability management program is an impressive and effective series of three modules. The purpose of the first module is to increase supervisors’ understanding of what work ability entails and how it can be managed. The second module explores the world of incapacity for work and the role of supervisors in the prevention of sickness absences. In the third module, we practice interaction with different people and different working life situations.



Effective development of strategic talent management

We increase the capabilities of strategic work ability and well-being management of supervisors, as well as the ability to interpret analytics and data. We help to ensure that performance management is a part of everyone’s everyday life, and we spar on the best practices of change management and communication.

The training is organized so that one coach has a team of up to 10 people. With the help of several coaches, coaching can be organized for a large group of supervisors at the same time. In coaching, close-up implementation is preferred, but a remote arrangement is also possible.

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Heltti already serves more than 1,000 companies nationwide


“I’m incredibly proud of all of us – we accomplished a lot. Together we were able to build an atmosphere of trust, openness, where it was easy for us to handle things. My own inner energy is now also at a better level thanks to the reforms of this process. The benefits of the development process for us were e.g. the following: the systematicity and focus of our work has strengthened, through the renewal we also made better use of our differences with the whole organization in mind. As a management team, we understand and know each other better now and are so-called on the same page.”



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