Services for developing individuals and teams

Supporting wellbeing and growth

Heltti makes wellbeing a visible part of the daily lives of knowledge workers: first-aid training, lectures, webinars, health surveys and coaching, and much more.


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Office or online?

We offer our wellbeing services where you are: at the workplace or remotely.


At Heltti Akatemia we organize open training sessions to improve various workplace and first-aid skills. The sessions can be targeted to HR, management or a general workplace audience.

Lectures and coaching

Invite a Heltti expert to your workplace! Our lectures and coaching services provide information and inspiration on the topic of your choice. Our wellbeing experts are here to reinforce your HR team.

Other services

At Heltti we can support your company in various, even unexpected situations. We offer Peace-of-Mind services to provide psychological support to your staff in stressful situations, run health assessments and surveys and can even organize break exercises for your staff.

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