Support for the well-being of leaders and supervisors

Managers and supervisors are typically more stressed than the rest of the staff – ensure that the leadership can cope

We offer low-threshold workplace support in the form of an in-house coach. Individual services include packages like Mindy for supervisors, supporting well-being and leadership development, as well as executive therapy for top management. For stressful situations, we provide short therapy sessions by psychologists and Balance groups.

Explore our services for leadership and supervisor well-being support.

Heltti as a Partner in Leadership Well-being

We support the well-being of hundreds of workplaces' management and supervisors.

We believe and see in our customer work that the well-being of a leader reflects onto the entire team, business, and personal life. A well-being leader also tends to make better decisions on average and can be present and more attentive to their team.

Quality and effectiveness are at the core of everything we do. That’s why experienced organizational psychologists, certified business coaches, and psychologists with training in short-term therapeutic approaches take care of the well-being of management and supervisors.

Explore our services that support the well-being of management and supervisors:


Low-threshold support as part of everyday life

In-house Coach

Support at your own workplace, just when it's needed

At its best, supervisors and leadership receive support precisely when the issue is urgent. In-house coaching offers on-site discussion support at your workplace, mentoring for supervisors and team leaders, and if needed, assistance in challenging situations or consultation on conflict-related issues.

What’s it about?

  • In-house coach present at your chosen location on selected days
  • Certified business coach with strong expertise and experience in work-related topics and leadership support
  • Supervisors and leadership can easily book time for conversations on those days from the coach’s calendar
  • The employer receives information about the number of meetings and emerging themes while considering data privacy

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Personal coaching and breezing

Mindcare for supervisors

5-session personal coaching for supporting everyday well-being and leadership growth

Becoming a supervisor is not innate but rather a growth process – that’s why every supervisor should receive personalized coaching in their career to develop their leadership skills and well-being. Mindy Supervisor Support Coaching Packages are designed for supervisors, team leaders, and those in various leadership positions.

These coaching packages combine coaching and training, making them suitable for different situations and especially for those who are just starting out as supervisors. The packages are designed around specific themes, allowing you to choose the one that fits the situation of the participant.

What’s it about?

  • Five sessions with an experienced organizational psychologist and a specialized professional in leadership
  • Organizational check-ins every three months to address emerging issues and to promote broader progress within the organization
  • The coaching process gathers work-related stress and resource factors, providing the employer with anonymous insights into essential areas to develop for ensuring responsible work life.
  • Mindy is based on research-driven knowledge of modern leadership and leadership phenomena, offering tailored guidance based on the participant’s situation.

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Impactful support when something is burdening

Short-term therapy

Effective short-term therapy provided by psychologists trained in impactful short-term therapy

Short-term therapy is proven and supportive for addressing stress, anxiety, or crises affecting supervisors and leaders. Heltti’s experts in short-term therapy are licensed psychologists with additional training in short-term therapeutic approaches.

What the service includes:

  • Short-term therapy is scientifically effective. Typically, significant assistance is achieved within 7 sessions.
  • Supervisors or leaders can choose a suitable short-term therapist from Heltti’s therapists.
  • Employees can book appointments and choose in-person or remote sessions through electronic scheduling.

It’s more cost-effective for the workplace to support workability before employees end up on extended sick leaves. Short-term therapy aids in challenging situations that could impact an employee’s work capacity.

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Group-based support for challenges in well-being

Balance Groups
for those in leadership positions.

Increase work resilience and resources in a peer group

Balanssiryhmä is aimed at supervisors and managers who have identified challenges in their well-being. It provides tools for daily life support and aims for sustainable renewal of thinking and actions through expert guidance and peer support by an experienced organizational psychologist.

Group work is effective: the presence of a professional and continuous peer support help understand that challenges are not faced alone. The group works from a resource-based approach, utilizing methods from short-term therapy for deep understanding of pressure behavior.

Service includes:

  • 4 + 1 group sessions, each lasting 2 hours
  • Facilitated by an experienced organizational psychologist using methods from short-term therapy
  • Group size max 6 people per group

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Personal support for top management well-being

Executive therapy

Supportive discussions tailored for those in demanding leadership positions

Burnout is not included in the perks of any job role, including that of a leader. Executive therapy offers specialized support for those in demanding leadership positions, provided by Finland’s finest and most experienced therapists. It offers discussion assistance for navigating the challenges of work and life, as well as preventive measures. Heltti is a pioneer in executive therapy in Finland.

What’s it about?

  • In-depth understanding of leadership roles, business, and therapeutic work – in confidence
  • Offering executive therapy can be part of leadership’s employment benefits or included in new leader onboarding
  • Our executive therapy is based on cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), which examines ingrained interaction and behavior patterns, raising awareness, and renewing our behavior patterns, strengthening what already works.        A thriving leader benefits not only the staff but also the business and the individual behind the leadership role.

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Johtamisen nykytilan kartoitus ja kehittämissuunnitelma

Tiedätkö, miten johtamiskulttuurinne toteutuu arjen valinnoissa?

By understanding the current state of leadership, you can effectively target leadership development. Assessing the current state of leadership and creating a development plan helps grasp leadership strengths and improvement possibilities. This assessment can also be used to evaluate the implementation of development actions.

The current state assessment includes a survey for the entire organization and interviews with key personnel. The development plan is built in a workshop moderated by Heltti, led by an experienced organizational psychologist. Leadership is examined through the lens of staff experiences, leadership structures, and self-assessments of managers.

Starting from 4500 € + VAT, including the survey, interviews with key personnel, results analysis, workshop, and development plan.

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