Fixed-price occupational health services for companies with fewer than 20 employees

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For knowledge workspaces primarily located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Pirkanmaa, Turku, or Oulu regions.

  • Finland’s widest care network – quick access to treatment
  • Shortest response times in remote services
  • Fixed price – no surprises in monthly invoices
  • Personalized service and training to support your company
  • A shared goal of zero burnout

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Please note! We charge a starting fee from our new occupational health customers, which covers the basic workplace assessment and the creation of an action plan. The amount of the starting fee is €390 per company, and it is a one-time payment.

Why Heltti?

Fast and straightforward access to care: Finland’s widest care network, covering over 80 Heltti, Aava, and Mehiläinen clinics across Finland. We also have the industry’s shortest response times for phone and chat services. You can reach a healthcare professional from the first contact. An easy and smooth care pathway between Heltti, partners, and insurance companies.

Predictable and transparent pricing: Thanks to the fixed monthly fee, budgeting and forecasting are easy – packages that include healthcare services come with appointments and extensive examinations! It’s easy to add performance-based additional services to the contract as needed (e.g., short therapy, vaccinations, physiotherapy, specialist doctors). All Heltti occupational health service packages can be combined with any medical expense insurance.

The goal is zero burnout! With a fixed price, we share a common goal with you: to keep people healthy and capable of working. Burnout is a modern-day occupational hazard for knowledge workers, and it can be prevented by managing well-being and supporting work ability. Let’s build a workplace where people aren’t burned out!

Personalized service and education for your company’s support. We are present in your daily life. The foundation of our occupational health services is easy communication with your occupational health nurse and low-threshold services for employees. From our multidisciplinary team of experts, you will find Finland’s best professionals in occupational health, healthcare, mental health, and work ability management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Occupational Health can feel like a jungle. We wanted to help you navigate through it. Here are answers to some of the most questions we get asked the most.

What do our customer say?

84% of our occupational health clients, which amounts to over 700 organizations, are small businesses.

The first health service I’m happy to use. Usually, going to see a doctor is a pain, and sometimes I even skip it. But not with Heltti 🙂

– Heltti’s member

The nurse sent a message the next day after the vaccination, asking if my arm had become sore. It gave me a warm feeling to experience such caring and attentiveness.

– Heltti’s member

Really easy to manage things, and it’s fantastic that many tasks can be handled through online services. Thanks, I managed to renew my prescription very conveniently through the chat!

– Heltti’s member

“We wanted to know what we were paying for and what we would get for that amount. In Heltti, these were clearly specified for us. The pricing of the service was transparent, and the costs were easily predictable.”

  • Vili Santala, CEO, Valote

“Just the statutory occupational health care is not enough for a company like ours. We needed occupational health care that focuses on supporting knowledge workers, people working in expert roles. One that understands the stressors in our field and is a bit different.”

  • Essi Wäck, HRD Manager, Unfair

“Since I’m the only HR person here, it’s really rewarding to get coaching from Heltti professionals for my work and for developing our leadership.”

  • Nina Uhlenius, HR, Gapps

Do you wish to know more?

If you want to know something more or need assistance with purchasing our occupational health serives – don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Nopea ja mutkaton hoitoonpääsy: Suomen laajin hoitoverkosto, kattaen yli 80 Heltin, Aavan ja Mehiläisen toimipistettä ympäri Suomen. Helppo ja sujuva hoitoketju Heltin, kumppaneiden ja vakuutusyhtiöiden välillä. Lue lisää sairaanhoidosta Heltissä.
  • Ennustettava ja läpinäkyvä hinnoittelu: Kiinteän kuukausihinnan ansiosta budjetointi ja ennakointi on helppoa – sairaanhoidon sisältäviin paketteihin kuuluvat mm. vastaanotot ja laajat tutkimukset! Sopimukseen on helppo lisätä suoriteperusteisia lisäpalveluja tarvittaessa. (mm. lyhytterapia, rokotukset, fysioterapia, erikoislääkärit).
  • Tavoitteena nolla työuupumusta! Kiinteän hinnan myötä meillä on yhteinen tavoite kanssanne, pitää ihmiset terveinä ja työkykyisinä. Työuupumus on nykyajan ajatustyöntekijän työtapaturma, joka on ehkäistävissä jaksamista johtamalla ja työkykyä tukemalla. Rakennetaan yhdessä työpaikka, jossa ei polteta ihmisiä loppuun!
  • Henkilökohtaista palvelua ja koulutusta yrityksesi tueksi. Olemme läsnä arjessanne. Työterveyspalveluidemme perusta on helppo yhteydenpito omaan työterveyshoitajaan ja matalan kynnyksen palvelut työntekijöille.