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Insomnia among working-age people has increased – stress has a sensitive effect on sleep, and it can be seen in these statistics and at occupational health receptions. The overheating of life, the demands of working life, addictive smart devices and the worrying world situation affect sleep in particular for some of us.

Temporary insomnia is indeed a part of ordinary life, but prolonged insomnia affects not only private life but also especially work ability and work productivity.


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The quality and quantity of sleep are vital for surviving at work

Insomnia is a natural reaction, especially during sudden life changes or when work stress accumulates. In thinking work, the quality and quantity of sleep are vital for coping at work and for maintaining and improving the concentration, creativity and problem-solving skills required in thinking work. Offering sleep groups to staff is popular, as better nights of sleep are directly reflected in the improvement of employees’ performance and problem-solving abilities and increased productivity.



A way to create the conditions for success at work by improving sleep

Heltti’s sleep group is a popular and effective way for employers to support the prerequisites for success at work. According to studies, drug-free psychological methods are very effective in the treatment of long-term insomnia. The most researched and effective of them are the cognitive behavioral therapy methods for treating insomnia, on which Heltti’s sleep group is also based.


Group coaching

The sleep group is a group-based coaching led by Heltti’s occupational health nurse/psychologist specializing in sleep, which is based on the Drug-free insomnia treatment model. The group is intended for those who feel they sleep badly and are motivated to find new ways to act and work on the situation. Helt’s sleep group includes five coaching sessions (1.5 h/session) in a group of 8-12 people, homework and follow-up.


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“I’m incredibly proud of all of us – we accomplished a lot. Together we were able to build an atmosphere of trust, openness, where it was easy for us to handle things. My own inner energy is now also at a better level thanks to the reforms of this process. The benefits of the development process for us were e.g. the following: the systematicity and focus of our work has strengthened, through the renewal we also made better use of our differences with the whole organization in mind. As a management team, we understand and know each other better now and are so-called on the same page.”



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