Short therapy for workplaces

We all have the same head at work and at home. The workload is visible at home, and worries at home affect the workplace. The comprehensive offering of mental support services has become one of the most important employment benefits that a thinking worker wants from the workplace.

Take care of your staff’s most important capital – also offer the opportunity for short therapy.


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Researched, effective treatment that supports change

Short therapy is a researched effective form of treatment that supports change when the ability to work is at risk due to mental well-being challenges, such as exhaustion, life crisis or anxiety. Don’t be fooled by the usage of “short” in short therapy. Short therapy is very goal oriented and aims to go deeper than just scratch the surface. All while finding sustainable methods to cope with change.

From the employer’s point of view, offering short-term therapy as a staff benefit or as a mental health support service often reduces sickness absences and thereby brings cost savings. The comprehensive mental well-being support services at thinking workplaces are also a significant factor in attracting and retaining experts.



An effective work ability restorer

Short therapy is an effective restorer of work ability for the typical challenges of mental well-being: anxiety and mood symptoms. Working with an experienced and expert brief therapist in just a few meetings clears up thoughts and helps solve problems encountered in everyday life or at work.

In short therapy, current operating models are structured and we look for ways that work better together, both in relation to ourselves and others. Short therapy clarifies thoughts and helps to build an understanding of one’s own situation. Brief therapy can also be the first step towards longer therapy, which is recommended if mental well-being challenges are recurrent or have roots in childhood. The employee is not left alone when looking for a therapist, but gets started in short therapy.





Based on an occupational health psychologist's assessment, or a self-booked employment benefit

Typically, the employee’s direction toward short therapy is based on an occupational health psychologist’s assessment. The employer can also define short-term therapy as a self-bookable employment benefit, in which case the employee can reserve time for short-term therapy at the expense of the employer. Short therapy appointments are available remotely and at our therapy offices in the capital region, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Vaasa. Short therapy is always tailored to the employee’s needs, and the duration of the therapy is usually 5-20 times.

Heltti’s short therapy experts are licensed psychologists who have advanced training in short therapeutic work. We are the best in Finland in short therapeutic work. Being a part of Heltti
Shortum is a highly respected trainer and pioneer of the short therapeutic approach. You can trust that you will get the best service in the industry from us.



Adding short therapy to the contract is easy and fast

For customers of Heltti's occupational health

Heltti’s short therapy enables the thought worker and the understanding of the challenges of thought work to remain at the center, as well as the adaptation of the treatment as a close part of the processes of occupational health. In this way, supporting the employee’s ability to work remains as close as possible to their own multi-professional health team.

When you are interested in adding short therapy to your occupational health contract, proceed as follows:

  • If you want to ask more questions or discuss different service packages, contact the designated occupational health nurse of your own company.
  • If you want to add short therapy directly to your contract and the short therapy services take effect immediately,by adding it electronically here..
  • You can find the pricing of short therapy in Helt’s price list, which you can find by logging inHelttiView.

Remember to tell your staff that short therapy services are available for them – you can get help with this from us at Helt. We will also be happy to hold an information session for your personnel.


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