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- mind your head in transition

The pandemic is slowly subsiding, and we can begin to prepare our return to the workplace. Even though many of us are excited to be going back to the office and seeing all our colleagues, the transition back to a “new normal” may not go as smoothly as we expect. Heltti’s experts are happy to spar on how to support employees during the transition phase. Ask for an offer!


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Heltti’s Peace-of-Mind services

Support for mental wellbeing

Exceptional situations increase people’s mental load and challenge us in new ways. Many experience new emotions and would like an easy-access support for stressful situations and mental health challenges. People may want help with organizing their work and remote working conditions, family life suffers and their team wants new support methods. Heltti’s Peace-of-Mind services are designed to fit this purpose and are an additional service to occupational health care services.


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Heltti’s “On the Pulse” survey

How are your employees doing?

Heltti’s On the Pulse survey is an easy way to get a good picture of how your employees are doing. It helps you react to challenges with workload. The survey, filled out by employees, has 10 questions to map out stress levels and burnout risks. Based on the survey, Heltti’s professionals provide you with a company-level summary. People at risk of burnout are then contacted for individual treatment. Contact Heltti to get pricing details for your company.


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Training for top management and supervisors

Support for promoting wellbeing

Training for top management and supervisors consists of interactive lectures and joint exercises. One training session is usually about 2-3 hours long and we recommend having a series of 2 to 3 sessions. Topics range from managing remote work, managing emotions in a changing environment, solving challenging personnel issues, work ability or how supervisors and managers can handle their own work-related stress.

All Heltti trainers have a degree in occupational psychology in addition to training in for example coaching or facilitation. Heltti can also additionally offer on-going support in Heltti’s Leader Support Channel.

Explore also the open training sessions at Heltti Akatemia (in Finnish)

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Break exercises and wellbeing analyzes

Call a group together

Take a break and get your body moving with Heltti’s physiotherapists! We can organize the activity in your office or remotely, making it still a group experience. No equipment is needed, just your own body weight.

Or maybe you’re in need of a more thorough view of your staff’s physical wellbeing? You can also order our partners’ smart devices and tests to measure sleep, activity or fitness levels. These also make a great holiday or thank you gift for your personnel!


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