Measuring and developing the current state of the organization's resilience

Does your organization’s current state of resilience foster sustainable growth, or is it an obstacle to growth?

We here at Heltti are experienced in measuring, evaluating and developing organizational resilience. We’ll help you to identify your organization’s opportunities for growth and recognize various areas for improvement. Resilient organizations are more likely to not only bounce back from uncertain times, but to move forward.


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Can we measure resilience and why should we do it?

The ability to adapt to changes and survive in new situations is the lifeblood of an organization’s success. This phenomenon, called organizational resilience, also increases the staff’s confidence and faith in the future. It supports the experience of being valued, because a resilient organization knows how to utilize everyone’s assets and organize work in a way that nothing depends only on one person.

Heltti’s program for measuring and developing organizational resilience is an easy and cost-effective way to find out, for example, the following issues:

  • What is already being done well in your organization
  • Areas that need improvement
  • What kind of measures would strengthen and increase organizational resilience
  • How to strengthen and develop organizational resilience


What are the benefits of this program?

Evaluating and measuring the current state of organizational resilience helps you to identify growth opportunities and areas of improvement in your organization. We’ll gauge the current situation by examining the state of your organizational resilience through cooperation, decision-making, management methods, competence development and anticipation.

Evaluating organizational resilience supports the entire organization:

  • Thorough picture of organizations current state for HR and upper management
  • A clear action plan for the HR and management to use
  • Increasing the understanding of resilience: what it is and how to strengthen it.


What's included?

Heltti’s program for measuring and developing organizational resilience includes the following:

  1. Gauging the current state: a survey intended for the entire organization and interviews with key personnel.
  2. Analyzing and compiling the results: Our experienced organizational psychologists analyze the answers and compile a summary, analysis and conclusions for your organization to support the creation of a development plan.
  3. The development plan will be built together in a workshop moderated by Heltti. In the future, it can also be used to evaluate the implementation of development operations.

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