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Developing an organizational culture that supports the success of the strategy is an ongoing project. On the contrary, things are going significantly faster; in just weeks, a few months will succeed in destroying the culture that supports business success.

We help renew, develop and build an organizational culture where the work community and business thrive.

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A culture that supports strategy and business success

Developing a culture that enables strategy and business success requires a genuine belief that culture really determines business success. It requires precise lenses that illuminate the ways of thinking and operating, structures, processes, communication, and values, beliefs, and myths that promote and hinder success. It is also vital to scrutinise the ways in which the organization thinks and operates its structures, processes, communication, as well as the values, beliefs, and myths that either promote or prevent success.

These are the key reasons why the use of external experts in cultural development projects pays off. Another main reason is that people have their own basic roles where they are experts. This expertise is often far from the expertise of cultural development.

Phases of developing the organizational culture

Culture is something that is learned, and it is collective. A change in organizational culture requires the members of the organization to unlearn the patterns of thinking and operating that do not contribute to operational productivity and business success. In the same way, the renewal of culture, requires the creation of new ways of thinking and the adoption of new approaches.

Phases of a organizational culture development:

  • Understanding the current state
  • Inspirational vision
  • Awareness of values, beliefs and narratives and analysis of communication
  • Pilots and sprints – successful and false steps
  • Measuring progress and taking progress into account

At the heart of reforming thinking and instilling new ways of working, is a shared dialogue and the understanding of the necessity and the benefits of change.


We believe in sustainable organizational culture development


  • reform calls for a change in the way we think and operate
  • profound change requires a change in the way we communicate and interact
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication, usage of words, narratives and metaphors all affect our thinking – change requires focus on communication and interaction
  • profound change is more emergent than planned – there is power in self-determination and self-organization

In this way, reformation will become sustainable, which is reinforced by increasing community self-organization

Our Customers


“You really come to our level and focus on our business and needs. You go side by side, you are really side by side during the project, not just wise. You will only be ready when it has been agreed together – you will always make sure that what you offer meets our expectations. Adjust as needed, hand pulse when co-operating. There is a tremendous humanity and wisdom in the approach that I appreciate.

– Merja Rissanen, HR Leader, Humana Finland Oy


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