Organizational Change Management

Organizational changes are crucial for every organization. Without change, it’s impossible for organizations to remain viable and successful. Nevertheless, these changes can be stressful and adapting to new routines isn’t easy. But when handled humanely and empathetically, these situations of change can leave a positive impact and create potential for a more sustainable future.

In case the supervisors, managers and team leaders in your organization need help with managing organizational changes – our experienced organizational psychologists are here for you.

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Managing change isn't easy

In order to oversee and manage change, you need to understand human behavior and be able to lead change with a human approach.  In addition to this, you need to have the right tools for strengthening your employees’ resilience on a more personal level. We’ll be there with you, to guide you through these changes by supporting and coaching your management and personnel during these changes – making things feel less heavy and more manageable. 

Heltti’s Change Management support  program suits all the different stages of change and adaptation situations

  • Change Negotiations : support and coaching for executives and management
  • Personnel and Team Debriefing-sessions: support and coaching for execs. and management.
  • Implementing the change: Coaching and help for supervisors
  • Organizing personnel and team debriefing-sessions
  • Coaching and support in heavy and stressful situations


Lead change successfully with our support

Our experienced, humane and empathetic organizational psychologists all have wide knowledge and experience in executing and implementing various organizational changes, coaching executives and debriefing facilitation.

  • We’ll identify the right methods for coaching that foster the implementation of the change process together with the management and HR.
  • We’ll coach and train managers and help them develop skills and tools they need in order to lead with clarity and approach lay off-situations with a human point of view.
  • We’ll foster management’s and personnel’s assets by themed coaching sessions in stressful situations.
  • We’ll organize debriefing-sessions for the work community and supervisors after the change negotiations.

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