Organization Development and Leadership Development

To support the vitality and business growth of the organization

Our Organization Development and Leadership Development services are designed for leaders, managers, management teams, boards of directors as well as HR managers. Our professionals, experienced inorganizational psychology, will help you..

  • reform your thinking
  • strengthen leadership
  • develop the operating culture of the organization
  • as well as to resolve various conflict situations


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Our services

Organizational Culture Development

With the help of dialogic organization development approach, you can achieve a culture that enables the accomplishment of your business goals.

Leadership Growth Programs

Heltti’s Leadership Growth Programs enable leadership development, deep diving into self-leadership through self-awareness, dialogic, and coaching leadership.

Leadership Team Development

Our experts in the development and evolution of management teams work with you. We are reforming our thinking and operating methods and helping to strengthen the mutual trust and teamwork of the management team.

Leadership Development and Therapy

Our experts work on a daily basis, both project-based and long-term, with management and executives as individuals and in groups. Our services include Leadership coaching and short-therapy for Leaders.

Work Ability Management

Experienced organization experts will help you reform your strategic-level work ability and productivity management. We will work with you to develop work ability management and early support models, as well as forms of preventive support services.

Emotional Climate and Emotional skills

With a positive emotional climate for high performance, positive energy, motivation and commitment.

Group supervision

Everyone who works in a demanding expert and supervisory position should have the right to work supervision. Here you will find experienced work mentors with an organizational psychology background to enliven the work community and individuals.

Conflict Management

If there is inappropriate behavior, conflict, harassment, or inappropriate treatment in the work community, our experienced organizational psychologists will help you resolve and resolve the situation and help the work community move forward.

As our client, we innovate sustainably as an individual and an organization with the help of top professionals in organizational psychology

We help you and your organization to have a more vibrant work life – both financially and humanly. We work in dialogue from the moment we understand the need of your organization, towards the sustainable renewal of thinking and operating. Our experts have a solid experience base in ensuring the vitality and growth of various companies and organizations.

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