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We made easy-to-buy, standard versions of our most popular lectures, which you can order soon from our online store with just a few clicks. The duration of the lectures is 1 hour. Available in Finnish and in English. On demand -lectures can be held remotely from our studio or on-site at your workplace.

Starting from 900€ incl. materials and a recorded version of the lecture


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On Demand -speeches and lectures

Our fixed-price lectures and talks are remote, hour-long lectures that are not individually customized. The lecturer is an organizational or an occupational health psychologist from Heltti. Now you can easily order on-demand lectures from Heltti’s online store!

On demand -lectures

  • Included: remote lecture, materials, recording
  • Price: 1200€
  • If the lecture is being held on-site: 1500€ + transportation fees
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Brain-friendly work methods and recovery

How can we work in a more brain-friendly manner?

When it comes to thought- and knowledge work, our most important tool is our head. When our brain is healthy, we are creative, able to solve problems and produce valuable thinking. However, in this era of multitasking and constant accessibility, our brains are overloaded. Pyrimme olemaan jatkuvasti “online” ja vastaamaan sähköposteihin samantien samalla, kun hukumme tietotulvaan.

During this lecture, Heltti’s expert gives you and your organization tips for supporting brain health at work.

Take care of your most important capital – order Heltti’s brain health lecture!

Recognizing stress factors

The amount of resources and how we experience stress depends very much on the individual. Everyone reacts to stress and increased work loads differently. Can signs or stress and burnout be detected even when you’re feeling fine?

In this lecture:

  • How to monitor your own well-being
  • What are the most typical signs of energy level balance and overload?
  • How to reduce stress and increase resources?

Optimizing your energy levels

Energy and vitality to your work days!

Accomplishing things is difficult if your energy levels are out of balance

During the day, the ability to concentrate and the state of alertness can vary a lot. Each of us has moments during the day when it is usually easy to start working, problems are solved more easily and it is easy to keep the focus on one thing. And sometimes it’s difficult to focus and get anything done.

In this lecture:

  • You will learn to recognize different states of alertness and focus.
  • You will learn more about the regulation of alertness and the factors that can affect your own alertness.
  • You will also receive concrete tips and examples from the trainer for managing and optimizing your own state of alertness.

Zero Burnouts – lecture about work ability management for the entire personnel

Work ability consists of various factors. Most commonly work ability can be seen as a balance between the employee’s resources, job requirements and opportunities, and features of the environment outside of work. Clear understanding of your own role, responsibilities and goals also supports and promotes one’s ability to work.

But what if the ability to work is threatened? The most common “occupational accident” and the factor that threatens the ability to work for thought workers is work burnout.We have a dream In the future we want to be able to talk about burnout in the past tense.

During this lecture, we will talk about work ability management and figure out ways to support the entire organization’s work ability.


Psychological Safety at Work

What is psychological safety and how does experiencing it, or not experiencing it, affect our work? We live in a VUCA world where volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty are part of our everyday life. In this case, the importance of psychological safety is emphasized even more.

During this lecture, our organizational psychologist will introduce you to the meaning of psychological safety and, through practical examples, demonstrate its benefits and how it can be enhanced in the workplace.

Contents of this lecture: 

  • What psychological safety is?
  • Why psychological safety is important?
  • How is psychological safety created and maintained at the work place?

Resilience – the key to navigating change and uncertainty

The ability to adapt to changes and survive in new situations is the lifeblood of an organization’s success. A resilient person is able to survive even difficult experiences even stronger, and is not discouraged by small setbacks. Resilience is partly an innate quality that can also be practiced and learned both at the level of the individual and the entire work community.

Contents of the lecture: 

  • How we respond to change
  • Why we react to changes
  • Resilience – what and how
  • What is the benefit of resilience in working life and can it be developed?

Emotional skills in working life

Basics of emotional skills - training for the entire personnel

Emotional skills help to express and regulate one’s own feelings, recognize one’s own needs, act decisively when one’s own boundaries are about to be crossed, create functioning human relationships and build a life of one’s own. Without functioning emotional skills, you are easily a prisoner of your emotions.

Emotional skills are one of the most important skills in modern working life. Order Heltti’s lecture on emotional intelligence and emotional skills and learn to observe, interpret and manage your emotions in different situations of everyday work life.

Contents of this lecture including: 

  • What are emotional skills?
  • How to recognize and express different emotions?
  • How do different emotions feel in the body?
  • Can emotional skills be beneficial in the working life?