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Mindy Moments are short webinars for all Mindy Mindcare customers. In Mindy Moment we search for insights to different things that challenge our everyday work life.

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How can I participate to the webinar?

You can follow the webinar on this page. You can get the webinar view in full screen size by pressing from the bottom right of the webinar screen after it starts. You can also add webinars in to you calendar.


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Open the chat from the ‘Join the conversation’ button. Chat window asks your first and last name when you are sending your first message. If you want to chat anonymously, you can for example write only the first letter in the last name field, or participate with a nickname.


Will there be a recordings of the webinars?

Yes! You’ll find recordings of the upcoming webinars from this page.

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Spring 2023

Tuesday 18 April, 08:00 – 08:20  – Add to calendar

Ways to concentrate

Mari Laari, occupational health psychologist, work supervisor and organizational consultant

Challenges with concentration are very typical nowadays. Many of us feel that they don’t have the ability to concentrate and the attention from the tasks is disturbed easily. Do you recognize why your ability to concentrate has weakened? Do you dare to get bored sometimes or do you constantly offer new stimuli for your brain? How do you maintain your interest level in a complex works? For example answers to these questions are discussed in our Mindy Moment.

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Friday 26 May, 08:30 – 08:50  – Add to calendar

Connection through communication in relationship

Aino Pekkarinen, psychologist and Mindy-coach

Communication in a relationship helps us to connect with our partner. On the other hand, when communicating about matters important to another, we may also find ourselves on opposite sides or in contradictions through our emotional reactions and interpretations. In a Mindy Moment, we concentrate to think about our own way of communicating and ways to restore connection with our partner.

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Thursday 8 June, 08:30 – 08:50  – Add to calendar

Emotional intelligence in the workplace

Susanna Forsman, short therapist and business coach

Emotional intelligence is consistently ranked in surveys as increasingly essential for the future of work. Organizations report that reasons for failing in roles and losing customers tend to be due more often to attitudinal and interpersonal factors than technical competence. It is also found that 50% of business time is wasted due to a lack of trust between employees. In a Mindy Moment, we concentrate to think about how to increase emotional intelligence in every workplace.

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Webinar recordings

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Prioritize better

Kaisa Mikkola, Mindy Concept Owner

Being busy doesn’t always equal progress. Learning how to prioritize tasks will help you make the most of your work days. Come to Mindy Mind Moment and learn about prioritization methods at work.