Mindcare as an employment benefit?

Mindy takes care of the individual and the organization

Mental Health related reasons are not only the most common reason for sick leaves in Finland, but also the most common reason for work incapacity pension. These challenges affect many of us, at least indirectly through our colleagues and networks. The focus in support services is strongly on individual level support. However, lasting well-being is not only created by helping individuals. We also know from research that the best preventive mental health work at an organizational level is to develop the work communities, management and organizational culture and the work itself.

Mindy mindcare solves the mental health challenges of work life at the levels of individuals and workplaces:

  • Mindy helps the employer to understand, through data, what can be done in the workplace to support mental well-being.
  • Low-threshold discussion help for different life situations based on a short therapeutic excerpt that affects individuals.
  • Especially for those working in management positions and supervisor roles: discussion support that develops their own leadership and coaching for various situations encountered in everyday life. Good supervisor work supports employees mental health too.


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What does Mindy contain?

Mindy includes individual coaching for employees, coaching sessions for the organization, and an introductory webinar and communication package. No initiation fee!

For the employee:

Low-threshold discussion help with an experienced mind professional in different life situations. Four impactful meetings based on a short therapeutic work excerpt, during which mental challenges are addressed and concrete solutions are sought.
Kanta entries are not made about the visits.

Mindy Mind Skills

Management Support

For the Employer

Organizational coaching for HR and/or other key personnel every three months. Our organizational psychology experts, experienced in coaching, help to outline the factors that undermine work well-being and the overall picture of organizational development based on the data from Mindy visits.

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Who are Mindy’s experts?

Every Mindy coach is a licensed psychologist with basic training, and the coaches also have various further trainings, e.g. doctoral dissertation or psychotherapy studies. Mindy’s Organization Sparrings, on the other hand, are done by Heltti’s experienced organizational psychologists who specialize in thought-work.


Organizational Coaches

What people say about Mindy

"Social responsibility is at the core of our strategy. With the help of Mindy, we get access to organizational root causes that threaten the well-being of the mind. It is important to us that everyone in our workplace has the opportunity to succeed."

"Our success is based on the creativity of our staff. We want everyone to take good care of their own thinking and action patterns. However, it does not matter with whom the mind is developed. High-quality mental care provided by a psychologist is our investment in growth."

"It's hard to see up close. I really appreciate Mindy's organizational sparring, because it helps us to identify areas for development in our organizational culture."

Organizational coaching helps to identify the root causes

Organizational Coaching

Mindy mindcare includes organizational coaching every 3 months for HR management and/or other persons responsible for work ability and work productivity. The goal of the coaching is to use Mindy data to identify answers based on genuine employee understanding to the question: What can an employer do to support mental well-being.
The regularly recurring coaching and data analysis process ensures that the development is long-term and that the root causes are tackled in the workplace.

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Information about individual coaching – information about action

  1. Psychologists observe work-related stress factors in individual coaching and record the findings in a database of more than 30 stress factors
  2. The load factors entered in the database are compiled for Mindy Organization Canvas. Canvas illustrates the real root causes of organizational-level phenomena that challenge coping
  3. In organizational coaching, the Canvas is reviewed, and together with an experienced organizational psychologist, the information is analyzed and what can be done in the workplace to support mental well-being

Organizational Coaches

Meet our organizational coaches!

Hanna Rainio

Hanna Rainio has a master’s degree in political sciences (social psychology). She’s a community dynamic work supervisor, Business Coach and coach who has gone through the basics of short therapy. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing organizations and management both in HR roles and as an external consultant. In addition, he himself has worked as a member of the management team and in a supervisory role.

Mari Laari

Mari Laari is a psychologist (PsM) supervisor and organizational consultant. Mari has more than 10 years of experience in the reception work of a psychologist and currently works as an organizational psychologist for several think tanks. Mari works collaboratively at all levels of the organization – individual, HR, supervisors, management teams.

Selena Kartomaa

Selena Kartomaa is an organizational psychologist (MSc) with long experience in occupational health care work capacity management methods and psychiatric challenges in various health care sectors. In her work, Selena has seen how important, in addition to helping the individual, it is for the organization to be aware of the root causes of the load and resource factors.

Mindy Coaching Theme Packages

Mindy coaching theme packages

Mindy Mindfulness Coaching

For every thought-worker

Working life demands more and more mental skills from us. The skills of the mind help us to cope with the challenges of everyday work and to live our own life.

Mindy Mindfulness coaching helps you utilize your full potential. Coaching helps your mind cope better at work and at home. With it, you develop your relationship with the most important person in your life – yourself.

The training is based on researched information, and includes four meetings with a licensed psychologist familiar with thought work.

Mindy -coaching is targeted based on your wishes and needs.

With the help of coaching, you can develop e.g. these skills:

Emotional skills

  • Mood regulation
  • The ability to change
  • Resilience
  • Stress management

Thinking skills

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility of mind
  • Decision-making skills
  • Ability to learn new

Working skills

  • Life management
  • Concentration
  • Organizing
  • Workload management
  • Collaboration and team work

Mindy coaching theme packages

Supporting Management work

Trainings specifically aimed at those working in supervisor and management positions

Mindy’s Management support training packages are aimed managers, supervisors, team leaders and those working in various other management positions. The trainings help to ventilate your thoughts, deconstruct the everyday situations you encounter, and develop as a leader.

   Better team work

   Success in change

   Future-proof you/strong>

   Courage to face conflicts

   Capable Teams

Find out more about the training packages for management support

   Better Team play

Are you in a situation where you are more of a communication broker, work organizer and team mediator in your team than a supervisor? When the team’s group dynamics do not work or the team is just taking shape, the role of the leader is challenging. For the supervisor’s own ability to cope and the development of healthy team dynamics, it is important for the supervisor to receive support. During the five meetings, we look for ways to build team dynamics.

   Succeed in the change

Does front-line work in the midst of change make you think – while you are trying to adapt to the changes yourself, should you lead a team in the turmoil of change? Living in the midst of change and leading it at the same time is demanding, and it is worth applying for support in good time. During five meetings, we will find ways to lead in a change situation together.

   Future-proof you

Do you feel that you are sometimes lost in the maze of your own leadership styles and your own development as a leader takes a backseat in the midst of everyday busyness? Leadership is often a lonely role where you don’t get much feedback. Recognizing your own leadership strengths and areas for development gives you confidence and moves you forward on your leadership path. During five meetings, we will together strengthen your leadership and management methods.

   Courage to face conflicts

As a supervisor, do you encounter situations where you have to settle the inflamed gaps between team members? They are never easy situations and often burden even late into the evening. It is worth practicing the interpersonal skills of conflict resolution and prevention. During five meetings, we will find ways to identify and untie the team’s knots together.

   Capable Teams

As a supervisor, do you have to intervene in underperformance or curb overperformance? The team’s everyday life is not balanced and the goals seem impossible to achieve? It is important to find a balanced team routine before it leads to overloads, free travel or starts to rub off on the team members. During five meetings, we look for ways to unleash the full potential of the team and its members.


Get to know our amazing coaches!

Mira-Irana Helimäki, psykologi (PsT)

I am a doctor of psychology and a clinician who wants to be involved in people’s growth stories, encouraging, challenging and supporting people to grow into their own unique self. In order to find one’s own voice and play it, a person needs another person. We grow through others and through each other. Human development always takes place both in relation to oneself and others.

Aino Pekkarinen, psykologi

I’m a psychologist by training and I have a lot of experience
in working with mental health themes for both individual clients and couples Themes of human relationships are of particular interest. In client work, I try to understand the client’s individual experiences and their meanings, and to help the client transfer the insights gained from the work to his own life.

Saara Halme, psykologi

I have a basic education in psychology, and I will graduate as a psychotherapist at the end of this year. I have additional education, e.g. short therapeutic work and psychological coaching. From my working perspective, I am active and warm. As a Mindy coach, I want to support the coachee in building a life of their own. It is important to me that even in a short period of work, one can go deeper than the surface and reach new insights.

Liisa Lempinen, psykologi, BBA

In addition to my work as a psychologist and therapist, I have more than 10 years of experience in managing business and people. That’s why it’s natural for me to understand multidimensional situations from a wide range of different perspectives and, sparring together, find new guidelines for your life – towards better well-being.
I adapt my work as required by the situation; sometimes you need presence and safety, sometimes you need challenge and strength.

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