Small & Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are our key customers

Heltti’s approach transforms occupational health costs into investments. Wellbeing is one of the greatest competitive advantages of the future.

The winners are those employers and leaders who choose to actively lead wellbeing. For workplaces like these, we have designed Heltti’s specialized occupational health services for knowledge-intensive work environments.

Read more about what our occupational health service looks like, where the role of a modern occupational health partner is understood, as well as what factors contribute to the strain in knowledge work.

We operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu, in addition to collaborating with partners throughout Finland.

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Why Heltti?

A true partner for SME's

  • A direct communications channel to your designated Heltti nurse. Your nurse will get back to you next working day at the latest.
  • Comprehensive medical services. Over 75% of all health matters can be treated remotely with the help of our online member service MyHeltti.
  • Active health care guidance focused on the challenges of knowledge work. Typically with our model, the number of visits to the doctor decreases by 55-65% and the share of your health care costs for medical care declines to about 35%, whereas preventive care rises to 65%.
  • For on-location medical care visits, you can access Heltti’s clinics and the extensive network of our clinic partners.

Heltti is a Finnish occupational healthcare company

Our values and culture are unique to the industry

  • Heltti is 100% Finnish, owned by its employees and Finnish private investors.
  • We take care of over 1000 companies in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.
  • Heltti has turned the traditional health care model upside down and built a new model for modern knowledge work.
  • In the 2019 Great Place to Work study, Heltti was chosen as the second-best Finnish workplace and the best European workplace in the field of healthcare.
  • All our services are available in English too, as over 25% of our members don’t speak Finnish as their first language.

Our customers



“Heltti’s ideology of keeping people healthy fits our values.
They are agile and flexible in their work.”

– Terhi Norokorpi, Holvi

“Our people have been very happy with MyHeltti and how easily
the Heltti team is available. This works great for us!”

– Tuomas Nuotio, NHG

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