Training in managing one's own mind

How do you take care of the prerequisites for demanding intellectual work?

The work environment for knowledge workers is becoming increasingly demanding. Information overload, constant interruptions, and multi-channel communication pose challenges to concentration, well-being, and successful work more intensely than ever before. Especially the prerequisites for skillful thinking and emotionally intelligent collaboration are at risk.

The training on managing one’s own mind is the targeted response to these challenges. It is possible to develop skillful self-leadership, leading to high-quality thinking, present collaboration, and relaxed successes.

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The erosion of the prerequisites for knowledge work is costly

An increasing portion of results come from knowledge work. Demanding and increasingly complex work environments require new solutions to ensure focus, high-quality thinking, skillful collaboration, and well-being. Neglecting these aspects is simply too costly.

In a survey by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, over 80% of respondents reported being burdened by work interruptions, distractions, and multitasking. This burden was also linked to lower productivity. According to various estimates, up to half of individuals feel that their ability to concentrate has diminished, and deep thinking is becoming a thing of the past.

Have you already utilized the latest strategies to overcome these challenges to productivity and well-being?



Measured effectiveness
with the Self-Leadership Training

The most effective anwser is found by approaching the challenge from two directions simultaneously.

The Managing Your Mind coaching combines the best practices of self-leadership, cognitive ergonomics principles supporting brainwork, and mindfulness training. This allows us to solve the equation of success through both skills and best practices.

When work is shaped with cognitive ergonomics principles and the best practices of self-leadership, it creates new opportunities for relaxed productivity.

In an evaluated sample program (n=14), all participants reported that the program improved their ability to concentrate and perform better under pressure. One of the most significant changes in their daily lives was having more time for thinking and prioritizing tasks.

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For whom?

Coaching for knowledge and thought workers

Taking care of the quality of thinking should be at the top of every knowledge worker organization's to-do list.

The training on self-leadership is suitable for all knowledge workplaces that aim to simultaneously strengthen well-being, productivity, and the experience of meaningful work.

The training can also be customized to meet the needs of the work community. Contact us, and let’s plan the implementation together!

What are the components of the training?

A webinar and four remote sessions

Managing Your Mind – Webinar (90 minutes)

The webinar provides a concise overview of the key benefits and methods of managing your mind and working in sync with your brain for the entire staff. It offers a solid foundation for deciding to participate in the smaller group follow-up program.

Explore the themes of the remote sessions:

Training 1: Lead Your Mind to Recover and Overcome Stress (2h)

This episode provides versatile methods for regulating your own energy levels and ensuring recovery. Implementing the best practices of managing your own mind begins.

Training 2: How to Lead My Focus and Thinking (2h)

This episode delves into practices that can erode or support focus, practicing skilled concentration, and mastering the ability to lead one’s own thinking. Understanding cognitive ergonomics and brain-friendly work deepens.

Training 3: Lead Your Emotions and Success Together (2h)

This episode provides tools for developing emotional intelligence, situational awareness, and skills for successful collaboration. The theme expands to the effects of psychological safety and self-compassion in the team. Best practices for meetings and work planning are included.

Training 4: Towards Relaxed Effectiveness: Flow and Work Engagement (2h)

This episode brings together the program’s themes, connecting them to focused and flow-based work. Conclusions and insights from the best practices experiments are crystallized, and commitment to utilizing what has been learned and adhering to shared brain-friendly guidelines deepens.

“Skillful self-leadership gives rise to high-quality thinking, present collaboration, and relaxed successes.”


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The coaching package in practice

An experienced coach and diverse modules

Mindfulness and self-leadership training:

  • Begins with a 1.5-hour webinar, which can be conducted openly for the entire staff.
  • Offers four 2-hour remote sessions for groups of up to approximately 20 people, including descriptions of best practices, intermediate assignments, and high-quality recordings for mindfulness practice.
  • The training is conducted by Antti-Juhani Wihuri, one of the most important pioneers and developers of self-leadership and mindfulness application in Finland.

“Antti-Juhani is an inspiring speaker who encourages listeners to see things from new perspectives and develop their own work with immediately applicable skills and tools. After over 30 years of meditation, A-J doesn’t take himself too seriously, and the audience may catch a glimpse of his life-affirming spark.”

Learn more about Antti-Juhani

Why mindfulness?

A focused and open mind propels success

According to research, just a few weeks of mindfulness practice strengthens the areas in our brains related to attentional focus and helps us succeed in demanding situations requiring concentration. We can focus more skillfully and, when needed, effectively filter out distracting stimuli.

Multiple recent meta-analyses also confirm the effects of mindfulness practice on attentional focus (Verhaegen 2021, Sumantry & Stewart 2021). Diverse research is available on other key skills of self-management as well. Practicing mindful presence develops precisely the mental skills required for skillful self-leadership.

Are you interested in the opportunities offered by self-leadership of the mind?

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It is possible to train the mind towards skilled focus and high-quality thinking.