Management Development

Pure self-direction is a myth of our time. We individuals need each other as a mirror, a support for stopping and stretching our thinking. Instead of self-direction, a huge longing for good leadership has arisen. The change in work increases the need for dialogue and coaching leadership.

Leadership and leadership services must develop at all levels, and it is important to ensure the capabilities to lead both individuals and communities.


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Managing is a team sport

Do you know how your leadership culture is realized in everyday choices? Does each supervisor understand their own role and know how to act accordingly? Leadership is a team sport. Leadership needs to be led, and leadership needs an organization around it, which with its ability to renew itself and its culture enables the success of leadership. By finding out the current state of management, you will be able to target management development effectively.


Leadership resources and opportunities for development

By measuring and gauging the current state of your organizations management, we can create a development plan that helps to understand the resources of management and the opportunities for development. Management is examined in the mapping from the perspectives of personnel experiences, management structures and self-assessments of superiors.



Ensuring good leadership

The measurement of the current state includes a survey intended for the entire organization and interviews with key personnel. The development plan is built together in a workshop moderated by Heltti, led by Heltti’s experienced organizational psychologist who specializes in developing the everyday life, work-community and management of thought-workers and thought-work organizations. In the future, the results of this program can also be used in evaluating the implementation of development measures.

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“I’m incredibly proud of all of us – we accomplished a lot. Together we were able to build an atmosphere of trust, openness, where it was easy for us to handle things. My own inner energy is now also at a better level thanks to the reforms of this process. The benefits of the development process for us were e.g. the following: the systematicity and focus of our work has strengthened, through the renewal we also made better use of our differences with the whole organization in mind. As a management team, we understand and know each other better now and are so-called on the same page.”



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