Coaching for Managers

We develop organizational leadership and leaders as individuals

The manager is often quite alone. The opportunity to get support, coaching for your own thoughts and to understand yourself more deeply should be the right of every leader. The ability to reflect is now and in the future an increasingly important general skill independent of the field.

Management coaching has been researched to train reflective ability and develop mental awareness.


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Reflecting to one's own activity

Management coaching is intended for reflection on one’s own thinking and ways of working to support development as a leader. Permanent reforms in the way of management lead to a better employee and colleague experience and, through this, to better business results.



An understanding of the factors that guide one's own activities is essential for good leadership

An external coach helps stretch thinking, clarify different perspectives and acts as a sparring aid in challenging places. Coach helps to develop operations in accordance with strategic goals and also offers support for key questions related to operating culture and personnel. In the meetings, one learns to better understand one’s own behavior and the factors that guide one’s own activities, which are a necessity for good leadership.


We are with you on your leadership journey

In management coaching, there are typically 5-10 meetings and they last 1-1.5 hours. The meetings can be held in person or remotely. 

An experienced business-oriented organizational psychologist acts as a management coach. In addition to psychological competence, all our coaches have versatile knowledge of business and management, as well as their own experience in managerial positions. Our experts have supported managers in various situations, both in shorter-term coaching and therapy, as well as being part of the manager’s support network regularly and for years.


Our customers

Heltti already serves more than 1,000 companies nationwide


““I’m incredibly proud of all of us – we really got a lot done. Together we were able to build an atmosphere of trust, openness, where it was easy for us to handle things. My own inner energy is now also at a better level thanks to the reforms of this process. The benefits of the development process for us were e.g. the following: the systematicity and focus of our work has strengthened, through the renewal we also made better use of our differences with the whole organization in mind. As a management team, we understand and know each other better now and are so-called on the same page.”

– Petri Grandell, CEO, Oy Brynolf Grönmark Ab


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