Series of lectures and speeches on workplace well-being

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What are the main stress-factors in knowledge work? How can organizations support the well-being of their thought and knowledge workers? How do you recover after a long day or how can you optimize your energy levels?

With the help of Heltti’s wellness and well-being lectures and speeches, you’re going to learn how to support your employees’ workplace wellbeing sustainably and effectively.


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Work life could and should be a source of well-being

Join us on our mission to build responsible and vibrant work places

In order for companies to grow and remain vibrant, they need to know how to live in the midst of change. Heltti’s experts tackle topics that are shaking up the working life and guide organizations to look at current themes through new lenses.

  • Developing and building a culture where the working community and business can thrive.
  • Culture is learned and collective – but it can be developed
  • Speeches and lectures on current topics 

Here at Heltti we believe that talking about issues and increasing awareness and understanding, is the key to a flourishing working life that promotes well-being.


Insightful speeches and activating lectures

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  • As an opener of thoughts and to speed up discussions
  • For work place wellness days, seminars, events and strategy days
  • Boards, executives, management teams, all personnel, themed groups etc.
  • Duration from 20 min to 1 h
  • Can include an activating part: e.g. facilitation


  • Speeches and lectures to increase knowledge and understanding on chosen topics
  • For different target groups, such as supervisors or certain professional groups – or for the entire staff
  • Duration: 45min – 2h
  • Include activating exercises or “homework” according to what we’ve agreed on

Sustainable workplace well-being

Here are some of our most popular lectures and speeches about wellness and well-being

Popular speeches and lectures right now:

  1. Optimizing your energy levels
  2. Resilience
  3. Knowledge work ergonomics


Popular lectures and keynotes:

  1. Adding movement to work days
  2. Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Sleep and Recovery


What kind of audience these speeches are suitable for?

Speeches and lectures about sustainable workplace well-being are suitable for all kinds of companies, from small to large. Our expertise is trusted by both large corporations and new smaller companies.

These speeches and lectures are suitable for board meetings of various executive and management groups, strategy or wellness days, and events for the entire staff to stimulate thoughts and activate discussion.

The lectures can be executed either live, as a webinar or hybrid.


Inspiring, brilliant lecturers

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Heltti’s expert are popular, well-liked lecturers and brilliant keynote speakers, whose views and knowledge has been noted in the media as well. In addition to their professional skills, our speakers take over the room through humor, creating a safe atmosphere that supports the exchange of ideas.



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