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Mental Wellbeing and Mental Health

Various mental wellbeing and mind care services and lectures have gained popularity among Heltti’s customers. This is a very welcome phenomena and a way to decrease, and finally eliminate the stigma around the topics of mental health and mental well-being.

Invite Heltti’s mind experts to your workplace and be a part of building a working life where burnout is a thing in the past.

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Working life can be a source of well-being

Towards a more responsible work-life

Mental Wellbeing -lectures

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Speeches and lectures about mental health and mental wellbeing are suitable for all kinds of companies, from small to large. Our expertise is trusted by both large corporations and new smaller companies.

These speeches and lectures are suitable for board meetings of various executive and management groups, strategy or wellness days, and events for the entire staff to stimulate thoughts and activate discussion.

The lectures can be executed either live, as a webinar or as a hybrid.


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